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Chapter 457 – The Meeting of the Five Kages Begin

The chapter begins with Sasuke’s Team Taka.  Jugo and Suigetsu reports to Sasuke that there is a route from the west of the Land of Iron that is not well guarded.  He tells Karin that they’re going in and that she should watch the guard’s chakras.  He tells Zetsu that he needs to go with them as well as he is the one to tell him who Danzo is.

It them zooms in on Danzo who is about to enter the Land of Iron and gets an update from Sai.  I wonder what the message contained.

Anyway, the Team Taka is discussing the best option to attack Danzo.  One is saying it is better to attack him before he enters the Land of Iron but Karin disagrees saying that if he is late, the rest of the Kages will find out that something happened and there might be Samurai reinforcements.  She is suggesting instead that since they are not aware of his powers, it would be better to wait until the summit is over and ambush him on his way back to Konoha.  Zetsu commented that Sasuke has a lot to putup with.  Sasuke however, shuts him up and told him that he better not lie who Danzo is.  Karin warned that she can sense from the chakras if someone is lying.

The Raikage, also on his way to the Land of Iron, senses Samui’s team.  They greet the Raikage.  However, one of the Raikage’s guards sensed that Samui’s team has been followed and demanded that the Konoha people come out.  Kakashi, Yamato and Naruto appears.  He commented that they’re not bad if they were able to follow Samui.

The Raikage, recognizing Hatake Kakashi asked if the Hokage sent him.  He replied no and said that they have a favor to ask.  He asked if Naruto could speak to him.  The guard said that it is a little rude that they did not ask ahead for an invitation and that they are on their way to the meeting.  However, the Raikage told Naruto to spit out what he wanted to ask.

Naruto answered that he wants him to stop Uchiha Sasuke’s execution.  Samui’s team was surprised that he came all the way just to ask that.  He said that he knows it is a lot to ask but he had to try.  He said that Sasuke is his friend and he just can’t sit back and watch him get killed.  He said he doesn’t wants Sasuke to be the cause of a war between Konoha and Kumo and be caught up in revenge.

All Raikage said was “Let’s go” to his companions.

Then Naruto went down on his knees and begged.  He said that he doesn’t want to see anyone getting killed for revenge.  He explained that all Sasuke ever thought of was revenge.  That it consumed him and changed him.  He said Sasuke was driven mad by revenge and that he is no longer the same person he once knew.  He said he does not want that to happen to anyone else and for people between Konoha and Kumo to kill one another.

The Raikage and his companions could only stare at Naruto.

The scene shifts meanwhile to Sai back in Konoha.  He was thinking of Naruto and Sakura.  He remembered speaking with Naruto about Sakura. He asked Naruto if he liked Sakura because he noticed that he always smile at her.  He asked if he’s told her how he felt.  Naruto reply was he cannot tell her as he could not even keep his promises.  He asked Sai to stay out of it. Now, Sai realizes he just can’t not do anything about it.  He goes to find Sakura.

Back in the Land of Iron, the Raikage answers Naruto.  He said that he will kill Sasuke and it is up to him to make sure it stops there. C, one of the guards asks if that is all they wanted because they’re in hurry.

Yamato spoke.  He told the Raikage that when they went after Hyuga’s Byakugan, Konoha did not retaliate.  He said their actions could have provoked war, but Konoha swallowed their bloody tears to prevent that.  He said that they should remember that they exist because of Konoha’s sacrifices.  Kakashi  added that Naruto, a young ninja before him, may not be skilled in that, but he is begging him for the sake of both Konoha and Kumo.  So he is asking for his opinion of that.

The Raikage answered that a ninja should not be so quick to bow before another.  That ninjas respect actions and strength.  He said there should be no compromise between ninjas. He said that the history of human race is a history of war,  ever since the three great ninja wars every country and every village has fought for the strongest techniques and that the weak will be crushed.  He said that Akatsuki will be internationally wanted criminals then the whole world will be after Sasuke and not just him.  He tells Naruto that he begs for a criminal, for the safety of his friends, and in the ninja world, they do no call that friendship.  He said that he must think what he must do because if he keeps asking stupidly, he will not go far in the ninja world.  And so he left along with his companions.  Kakashi tells Naruto that it’s enough bowing down and he should get up.

Danzo enters the Land of Iron and above, Zetsu points him out to Sasuke.

In the meeting room assigned to the Five Kages, the moderator is telling everyone that they are here because the Raikage has asked for this meeting and they should place their hats on the table.  He introduces himself as Mifune and starts the meeting.


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