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Chapter 458 – The Five Kages Argument

Gaara was the one to start the conversation.  I’ll go first, he says.  The Tsuchikage interrupted him saying that the makeup of the Five Kages has surely changed.  He added that he must be something special to be made Kazekage at his age.  He said that his father must have taught him right but forgot to install some manners in him.  Gaara retorted that is probably he why he’s there as a Kazekage.  The Mizukage told off the Tsuchikage and asked Gaara to continue.

Gaara explains that he is once a host and that Akatsuki captured him and nearly killed him and therefore believes how dangerous they are.  He said that he requested aid from the other Kages many times but he was ignored except for the former Hokage though at this point, with so many hosts captured, it is too late for an aid.

The Tsuchikage replied that if a country has had it’s host captured, it has no business giving other countries orders.  He said it is an embarrassment and he should have tried to recover it in secret.  He addes that once it is stolen, he cannot expect other countries to help him.

Gaara replied that appearance and honor are old-fashioned thinking and that he has no time for that.

Mizukage replied that just because the beast had been stolen is no reason to be afraid. She added that it takes time and knowledge and skill to be able to control them.  Tsuchikage added again that the host must grow with the beasts in order to adapt to them and that even control is difficult and will not happen immediately insinuating that Gaara must know this.

Danzo then added that in any event, the only ones who can truly be said to have controlled the beasts are Uchiha Madara, the 1st Hokage Hashirama, the 4th Mizukage Yagura (which I now realize is the one that looked like Yuukimaru in the anime and one of the hosts as well),  and the Raikage’s brother Killerbee.  The Raikage suddenly burst out and shouted for them to stop yapping.

A fight suddenly starts to break between the guards watching.  The Samurai came to stop them and Mifune told them that they are here to talk and to refrain from such display of rudeness.  The Kages told their guards to stand down.

The Raikage then spoke up and said that the Akatsuki is made up of missing-nin from the villages of Konoha, Iwa, Suna and Kiri.  He said that aside from that, he knows that some Kages amongst them, including former Kages, have used Akatsuki for their own purposes.

Gaara asked what he meant by using Akatsuki but the Raikage cut him off.  He said he is not speaking to him as he does not trust him.  He said that he called all of them in this meeting to find out where their loyalties lie.  But Gaara would not be stopped and asked what he meant by “used Akatsuki.” Raikage told him he is the Kazekage and nobody told him.  He told Gaara to ask his elders about using the Akatsuki In their own wars.

The Tsuchikage explained.  He said that the great countries are enjoying a time of relative peace, moving from military expansion to disarmament.  As tensions ease between the countries, the threat of war grows smaller. Military villages are a drain on a country’s resources but there is a risk.  If a war suddenly breaks out they cannot rely on untested ninjas in the heat of battle or else they would lose war.

Gaara understood that one way of dealing with that is to use mercenary force like Akatsuki.

The Tsuchikage added that it would take time and money for a village to build such a force themselves but Akatsuki  were professionals and could be relatively hired for little and that they could give good results.

The Raikage said he doesn’t want to hear it.  He said that Suna used Akatsuki to try and destroy Konoha.  He said it was unclear whether Orochimaru was still a member of Akatsuki back then.  He said that both the former Kazekage and Hokage ended up dying.  Looking at Danzo, he added that he can’t help but think that it must have been part of someone’s plot.

The Raikage then looked at the Mizukage and said that Kirigakure is most suspicious.  He said that they do not have any diplomatic relations with other countries and that there is a rumor that the Akatsuki was formed in Kirigakure.

Ao, the Mizukage’s guard is thinking about a suspicion that their former 4th Mizukage was being controlled by someone.  The Mizukage, on the other hand, told the Raikage that it might have been the Akatsuki but she did not want to make a big deal out of it to the Raikage’s fury. Before he can speak, the Tsuchikage told him to watch his mouth.  He goes on to say that because he was trying to amass power and techniques during that time of disarmament that other countries were forced to hire Akatsuki in the first place.

Danzo then cut them both off before it evolves into another fighting.  He said that he wanted to tell them something.  He said that Akatsuki’s leader is almost certainly Uchiha Madara.  The four Kages were rendered speechless.

The Tsuchikage said that he thought he was long dead.  Danzo replied that he does not understand either but that the source is certain.  The Tsuchikage said he never imagined him to be a monster literally.

Mifune now speaks out.  He said that as a neutral country, he thinks that the leader of the Akatsuki read the signs of the times.  That he used stability and the suspicion of other countries to increase his own power and that at this rate, even the Land of Iron could be affected.  However, he added, there is a silver lining.  He said it is rare that the Five Kages came to meet together.  He suggested that until Akatsuki is taken cared of, they should form a Five-Village Alliance.

The Raikage seemed surprised with the suggestion.  Danzo said that it is a good idea and in this state of emergency  they should cooperate.  Mifune added that the chain of command should be uniform to avoid confusion.  The Tsuchikage asked then who would have this authority over this new army.

Mifune replied that they would only fight amongst themselves, and asked them to respect his decision as a neutral country.  He said he will decide who is best suited to the job.  Danzo, in his mind, is thinking that Tsunade’s time is over.

Meanwhile, back in Konoha, Sai asked to speak with Sakura.  He told her what Naruto had done.  He said that Naruto is protecting Sasuke and that he let the Kumogakure ninjas beat him up.  He told Sakura that Naruto asked him not to tell her because he doesn’t want her to worry.  He also told Sakura that Naruto went to ask the Raikage to forgive Sasuke even if he thinks it is pointless.

A distracted Sakura asks why Naruto would do that and if Kakashi is with him.  Sai told her Kakashi has faith in Naruto and that he thinks Kakashi wants to give Naruto a chance even if it is useless.  He told Sakura that he became part of Team 7 recently when he replaced Sasuke so he doesn’t really know everything that is going on.  He said he does not understand people either and that he doesn’t know what promises Naruto made to her  but that he can tell that Naruto loves her.

Sakura remembers the time she asked Naruto to bring Sasuke back.  He remembered Naruto telling her that he knows she loves him and that she is suffering.  He told her he feels it too and swore to bring Sasuke back.  Sakura cried at the memory.

Sai told her that Naruto has been shouldering that promise for a long time, and that he means to shoulder it for the rest of his life.  He added that he doesn’t know what Sakura told Naruto but that it is just like what has been done to him and that it feels like a curse.  He said that Sasuke causes Naruto pain.  But he thinks Sakura does that as well.  (Sai, that is just too cruel! True, but cruel.  But I guess someone has to really tell Sakura just that because she is so clueless!)

Back in the summit meeting, Mifune says that the only host left is Konoha’s Nine-Tailed Beast and therefore, he proposes Danzo to lead the alliance to the Raikage’s fury.


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