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Chapter 459 – Sakura’s Decision

The chapter continues with Mifune choosing Danzo to head the Alliance.  Danzo replies that if they take him, he would be honored.  The Raikage asked why him.  He said that Danzo is the embodiment of the darkness of the ninja world and that they cannot trust him.

Mifune then asked who.  The Raikage said that no one in their village is involved in Akatsuki therefore the only trustworthy amongst them.  But Mifune disagreed.

Mifune said that some amount of emotion and power is necessary to lead so many strong warriors but someone like him who lets his emotions control him will destroy the alliance as surely as he destroyed the table before him.  He said he is simply offering his suggestion as a neutral party.  He added that the Kazekage is too young to lead and the other countries will never accept it.  Even addressing him as Kazekage is hard enough.  The Tsuchikage, on the other hand he says is too old and seen as having mobility problems.  Aside from that, he has been used by the Akatsuki many times in the past and is the least trustworthy.  As for the Mizukage, her country Kirigakure is the seat of the Akatsuki and therefore there would be worries of information leaks and spies.

He added that he does not know what Akatsuki plans with the nine-tailed beasts but they cannot let them have it.  And since the nine-tailed beasts belongs to Konoha, it is only right that the Hokage leads the alliance.

The Raikage refuses saying he does not want to be a part of an alliance that would require his village to reveal its true intentions.

Ao, the Mizukage’s guard felt that something is wrong and advises his partner Chojiro to prepare for battle.  He uses his Byakugan.  (So he’s a Byakugan user!)

Back in Konoha, Ino is crying.  Choji, Tenten, Kiba, Neji, Hinata and Shino are consoling her.  Kiba is shouting at her to quit crying.  Tenten told him not to talk to Ino like that.  Kiba asked what they could do as things are not as they used to be.  Shino asked if they are sure because if Ino is like that Naruto and Sakura will… but he was cut off by Neji.  They’re speaking in riddles here as a matter of fact.  Neji said though that Shikamaru will deal with it and explain and the besides, he did fail in his first duty as a team leader.  I assume he is referring to retrieving Sasuke.  He added that Shikamaru must feel some responsibility that is why he offered to talk to them.

Shikamaru is then seen outside the tent where Sakura, Sai and Shizune are talking.  It seems that based on his facial expression, he heard everything between Sakura and Sai.

Shizune, after hearing Sai comment that Sakura and Sasuke are causing Naruto pain, retorted that Naruto is not doing it only because Sakura asked him but that he wants to save Sasuke himself.  Sai said of course, he believes that too but they are all relying on Naruto too much.  He said that lately when he looks at Naruto, he could feel his sadness and that when he thinks of him, he could feel heat coming from his gut and he knows that it is anger. He added that for Naruto’s and Konoha’s sake, they should do something instead of always relying on Sasuke.

Shikamaru entered and ended what Sai is still about to say about Sasuke.  He said that Sai is right.  He said that they are no longer children and they should stop Akatsuki.  And before he could add, Sakura spoke that they should stop Sasuke.

Shikamaru said he came to get permission from Team 7.  He said they cannot let a war break out between Konohagakure and Kumogakure because of Sasuke.  He said that if Kumogakure kills Sasuke, Ino, Sakura and Naruto will not stand for it.  And that if they do something that gets them killed, he and Choji and Inoichi and her parents will want revenge as well.  He said that the other side would want revenge as well.  And if they all get killed, their parents would extract revenge and it will be an all out war.  He added that according to the messengers from Kumo, Sasuke is treated as an international criminal and if he keeps working with Akatsuki, the hatred towards him will increase. He told Sakura that take care of Sasuke themselves and that he knows she understands what he is trying to say. He said that is why he came, to ask Sakura permission.

Sakura asked Shikamaru to stop saying anything anymore.

Naruto is lying on the floor in an inn where he and Kakashi and Yamato are staying.  He is in deep thought about Sasuke.  He is thinking where he could be and what he could be thinking.  He is wondering if Sasuke is even thinking of him and Sakura and Kakashi even just a little.  He’s wondering if Sasuke has already defeated his brother and gotten his revenge if he already feels better  or if it has gotten worse.  He is wondering why he hasn’t gone back to Konoha.  He wants to ask if hatred has eaten him up and if he’s become a common criminal now.  He said he doesn’t understand Sasuke anymore. Naruto is in so much pain.

Back in Konoha, Shikamaru tells Sakura that regardless of her answer, he has to do this for the sake of the future of Konoha.  He said he is going to talk to Naruto and asks Sai where he is. Sai told him that Naruto went to speak with the Raikage at the Land of Iron.  He said it is not going to be as easy as he thought.  Then Sakura said she will talk to Naruto.  She said that Naruto is in love with her and therefore, she should do it.  She said she caused him the most pain and done nothing but make mistakes.  She said she does not want to make another mistake.

At the summit, Ao recognized the color of chakras of Danzo.  He said he recognize it as Uchiha Shisui’s color having fought him once.  He called out to him asking him to show him his right eye.  The Tsuchikage asked what is going on.  Ao replied that apparently his right eye was stolen from Uchiha Shisui and implanted.  He explained that Shisui had the power to get into his opponent’s mind and control them.  He said it is one of the most powerful eye techniques and that his opponents would not even realize they were being controlled.

The Raikage asked if he is controlling Mifune.  Ao added he can’t judge Danzo since his right eye was a souvenir from a Hyuga but that he saw through the illusion placed on the 4th Mizukage so he cannot be fooled.

The Raikage was about to attack Danzo when Zetsu appeared in the middle of the conference.  Immediately, the guards went right in front of their Kages.   He said that Uchiha Sasuke is in the Land of Iron somewhere.


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