Posted by: kitpotter | March 2, 2010

Chapter 460 – Sasuke Surrounded

Zetsu provoked them to search for Sasuke.  The Raikage was furious.  Kankurou, Temari and Gaara who knew Sasuke wondered what he could be doing in the Land of Iron.  Mizukage explained to Ao and Chojiro that he is the one with the sharingan who killed Haku and Zabuza.  Tsuchikage commented he probably is an Akatsuki. Only Danzo seemed unperturbed and deems it impossible.

The Raikage immediately pounced on Zetsu and held down his neck demanding him to tell where Sasuke is.  Zetsu said he will give him a hint.

Immediately, the Raikage told Shi and Darui to get started.  The Mizukage said there is no need to kill him as he could give out information on the Akatsuki if they capture him.  Gaara, however, said that no one in Akatsuki who would betray it.  Mifune instructed his samurai Okisuke and Urakaku to search for Sasuke and prepare for battle.  The Raikage left instructions on Ao to keep an eye on Danzo.  Then, he left the room by smashing down the wall.  Darui had to apologize for the broken table and the now-crashed wall.  The Tsuchikage commented that the Raikage had always been an unruly child and haven’t changed since he’s become a Kage. The Samurai gave instructions to guard the tower on the other hand.

Karin, on the other hand noticed the change in the chakras level.  She told them that the Samurai has started to move and is looking for them.  Jugo commented it was Zetsu’s doing.

Meanwhile, Uchiha Madara visits Naruto and says that they are going to have a little chat.  Naruto unleashes a Rasengan when he saw him but Madara said it won’t work on him.  He is then shown captured by Yamato’s wood release technique and Hatake Kakashi ready with his chidori.  Naruto is also locked in a wooden prison by Yamato’s technique. Yamato told Naruto to stay still while Kakashi calls him by his name and told him that he will not let him get his hands on Naruto so easily.

Madara told him that he must have heard him when he said none of his attacks will work on him.  Kakashi then prodded him that he admits his identity as Uchiha Madara.  Yamato said he doesn’t know whether he just disappear or if he could turn into a ghost but to catch Naruto he had to be solid. He said that is what they aimed for and he is now in his territory.  Madara replied that he has a plan as well and that for now, he just want to talk.

He now spoke to Naruto and asked him how he made Nagato betray him.  He told him that he is curious about him.  But Naruto is angry and said that it doesn’t matter.  He asked Madara what he plans to do with Sasuke.  Madara answered that he will tell Naruto a story about a man eaten by the ninja world’s hatred and bitterness, about Uchiha Sasuke.

Meanwhile the hunt for Sasuke and his companions is underway.  Karin realizes that Samurai could use chakra as well.  Finally, the Samurais found them and were immediately surrounded but Sasuke is ready to fight.  He prodded the Samurai to come at him and that he will not go easy on them.  The Samurais unleashed their technique only to be deflected by Sasuke.  Jugo told Karin to find where Danzo is and he will handle the Samurais.  Sasuke on the other hand, started killing off the Samurais.  Karin senses Sasuke’s chakra is darker and colder than the second stage of his curse.

Darui on the other hand sensed a lot of chakras disappear and told the Raikage it must be Sasuke.  When he asked where, Shi directed right below where they are.

Karui sensed his chakra but too late.  The Raikage already broke through and came face to face with Sasuke.  I’ll teach you to fear my anger, he says.  Oh!  If he only knew how numb Sasuke’s become already.  It seemed he no longer fears anything, let alone feel anything.


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