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Chapter 461 – Kumogakure vs Hawk

Sasuke attacks the Raikage head on.  Jugo tried to stop him to warn him not to attack by himself. He said he is too hot headed.  Still, Sasuke will not be stopped.

Darui immediately releases a technique Suiton Sujinheki which created a wall of water between the unmoved Raikage and a rushing Sasuke.  It was immediately followed by a Raiton Kangekiha which sent a wave of electricity through the water and electrocuted and knocked Sasuke off.

Darui commented to the Raikage that their intelligence on him was correct and that Sasuke’s technique is lightning based.  Shi added that Sasuke can use fire as well and he might follow with a Katon.  Team Taka commented that they seem to have gotten intelligence on Sasuke.  Jugo commented to Sasuke that they are Jounins and the one in the middle is the Raikage.  A Samurai hiding in the background requested a backup saying they were attacked by Sasuke.

Shi, on the other hand, initiated a new attack, Raigen Rakochu which is a genjustsu. Sasuke and Jugo were suddenly blinded by light with the Raikage ready to smash him.  Sasuke told Jugo to stand firm as it was only an illusion.  The Raikage said it may just be an illusion but it is too late.  He appeared in front of Sasuke already and ready to smash his huge arms on him.  Darui, on the other hand is right behind Sasuke and ready to smash him with a weapon.  But Jugo and Suigetsu blocked both attacks.

Suigetsu said his arms would have torn off if it wasn’t made of water.  His sword has also broken off. Sasuke told them he doesn’t need their help.  And Suigetsu that’s the thanks he could get.

Darui instructs Shi to check the area and see if there is anyone else along with them who might suddenly pop out.  Shi said there is one more but that he’d have a hard time fighting if he has to concentrate on that.  Darui says he and the Raikage could take care of things.

Hearing this, Karin decided she should then hide her chakra.  Suigetsu noted that Karin should have been able to find Danzo but it was too late and she’ll probably hide her chakra.  Jugo said he would just have to kill the guy with the sensor.

Back in the meeting room Ao was asked to check if Danzo’s technique is still in use.  When he confirmed into the negative, Danzo replied that it is not something that he could have used multiple times.  He added he did not realize that there was another byakugan out there and if there had been a traitor among Konoha’s Hyuga, he would have been killed right away.

Ao said that he would probably kill him for finding out his secret but he would not do so easily.  The Mizukage said if it comes down to it, she will fight.  Ao added that there is a connection between that power and the one that controlled the 4th Mizukage.

Mifune said that all techniques in the room were forbidden and that he did not have enough faith.  He told Danzo that he would have chosen him anyway.  Danzo said it may have been so but he did not want to take the risk.  He told Mifune that he would do anything to protect the ninja world.  He said that the ninja world must become one, just as the 1st Hokage Hashirama gathered the clans to create the village, now they must gather the villages to make the ninja world as one.  He said that would never happen by discussion and that eventually Akatsuki will destroy the ninja world.

The Tsuchikage replied that it takes time to make ideals a reality and that if he is hasty, he would lose sight of everything else and make mistakes.  He said Danzo may think he is doing good but the results breed mistrust, ill feelings and hatred.  Therefore, he cannot trust anything he says.

Danzo answered that whether the Tsuchikage trusts him to not, what is needed are results.

Gaara answered that if that is what the ninja world is, what humans are, then there is no future.  He said that once you take away understanding and faith, all that is left is fear.  He said he cannot accept immoral methods or giving up with Naruto in mind.

The Tsuchikage told him it is easy for him to say that.  He said Gaara does not know anything about running a village.  He said if he has any questions, now is the time to ask and he and Danzo will give him advice.  Gaara said he has a question after silencing Kankurou and Temari who wanted to defend him. “When did you throw yourselves away?” he asked.  The Tsuchikage and Danzo were silenced.  The Mizukage thought he is such an innocent.

Meanwhile, Temari asked Gaara what they should do now that Sasuke, which they once tried to rescue when they aided Konoha, is a part of the Akatsuki.  Kurozuchi on the other hand, told the Tsuchikage that the Kazekage got him there.  Akazuchi asked if they should prepare for battle.  Kurozuchi seemed interested to find out who Sasuke is commenting that he is the one who killed Deidara.  He told them to do as they please as long as they stay out of the Raikage’s fight lest they get crushed.

Fu, however, whispers to Danzo that one of them should get down and get the Sharingan but Ao quickly intercepts and said that they stay as the Raikage asked him to keep an eye on them.  Fu and Torune get ready to fight but Danzo told them to back down as they don’t want a fight.

Back at the fight, Jugo has transformed and is ready to fight the Raikage.


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