Posted by: kitpotter | March 3, 2010

Chapter 462 – Sasuke’s Dogma

The Raikage and Jugo faces off.  The Raikage attacks immediately.  Jugo says he’s fast.  Jugo blocks the attack with his hands that seemed to transform into a cyclone.

Shi on the other hand sensed an attack.  Suigetsu is about to hammer his Decapitating Carving Knife into him but it was blocked by Darui’s cleaver-like blade.  Suigetsu noticed he’s got a nice sword.  Darui replied that his may be broken but he cannot have his.

Meanwhile the Raikage punched through Jugo’s defensive arms and shot him in the chest throwing him into the boulders behind him.  One down, the Raikage says.  Seeing Sasuke forming a seal, he told him that his sharingan is no match for him.

Shi explains that the Raikage’s synapses fire as fast as a lightning and once he is surrounded by a Raiton chakra, not even a sharingan could keep up with him.

Jugo, still alive, conjured dozens of boosters from his back and aimed it towards the Raikage. He fired them point blank.  A blast erupted… if did not comment if Jugo is still alive after the Raikage’s blast, it would have been difficult to say if the blast came from Jugo or the Raikage.

Meanwhile, Shi realizes that he had been caught by Sasuke’s genjutsu and that Sasuke merely used Jugo’s attack as a distraction.  He fell down unable to move.

Jugo, came out of the boulders saying he’s killed the Raikage when out of nowhere he was elbowed by the Raikage.  Jugo smashes to the wall and seemed to be knocked out.

In the meantime, Naruto is telling Madara that he is lying about Sasuke.  Madara said he cannot discuss Sasuke without first discussing Itachi.  Kakashi replied that he does not believe him but Madara says he is not lying. He said that is the truth, that Itachi died for Sasuke and for Konoha.

Kakashi answered that if that were the truth, and Sasuke knows that, he would not work with Akatsuki.  Instead, he would follow Itachi’s wishes and return to Konoha.

Madara said that as Sasuke’s friend and teacher, they don’t understand Sasuke at all.  He said that Sasuke is the real deal, a true avenger.

Naruto asked if he did that to Sasuke and Madara said no, he didn’t.  He said Sasuke chose it for himself.  Madara explained he took a gamble.  He said he didn’t know whether Sasuke will choose to follow Itachi’s wishes or choose revenge on Konoha.  He said Sasuke chose revenge which meant that in his heart, he was always one with them.  He told Naruto that right now, Sasuke’s goal is vengeance against Konoha for what they did to the Uchiha clan and to Itachi.

Naruto asked, though more from himself than from Madara, why Sasuke chose revenge.  He told Naruto that Sasuke did not have a choice, that this is the hate-filled destiny of the Uchiha clan, a curse that followed them through generations.  He said that the curse of hatred began long ago with the founder of the ninjas, the Rikudo Sage and the Sage of the Six Paths.

Kakashi said that the Rikudo Sage is nothing but a myth and the Rinnegan, a mutation.  Madara continued that the myth was based on real events.  He said the Rikudo Sage preached the way of the ninja and tried to bring peace to the world.  But when it was still a dream, his time came.  He then entrusted his two sons with the power and will of the way of the ninja.  The elder brother was born with the Sage’s “eyes” and was gifted with his powerful and spiritual energy.  He believed that might is the key to peace.  The younger son was born with the Sage’s “body” and was gifted with his life force and physical energy.  He believed love was the key to peace.  On the Rikudo Sage’s deathbed, he chose a successor and from that decision the eternal curse of hatred was born.

Madara continued that the Rikudo Sage believed that it was the younger who was best suited to become his successor and chose him.  The elder could not accept the decision and believed that he is the rightful successor.  Thus, he attacked his brother in hatred.  Time passed and though their blood had thinned, the descendants of the two brothers still warred with each other.  The descendants of the elder were called Uchiha.  The descendants of the younger were called Senju.  He said his battle with the First Hokage, Senju  Hashirama was fated.

He told Naruto that this is only the second time that they have met but he can tell the fire of the Senju clan dwelling in him.  He said that he sees the First Hokage in him.  That though dead, he lives on in him.  He said that Senju Hashirama was his rival and that he admired him and hated him more than anyone else.

Senju and Uchiha, Naruto muttered.  Fire and Hatred, replied Madara.  Naruto and Sasuke, added Kakashi.   Madara said they have been chosen by fate.

So sad. Friends destined to hate each other.

Madara added that revenge is the Uchiha clan’s destiny and that Sasuke has taken on the hatred of the entire clan.  He will then inflict that curse’s hatred on the world. He said that hatred is Sasuke’s greatest weapon, his friend and his strength.  That is Sasuke’s dogma.


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