Posted by: kitpotter | March 3, 2010

Chapter 463 – Sasuke vs Raikage

With Jugo knocked off, Sasuke attacks the Raikage head on.  It is lightning versus lightning.  The Raikage tries to elbow Sasuke and Sasuke unleashes his Chidori.  Sasuke hits the Raikage on the chest but the Raikage seemed unperturbed.  He said using a raiton to increase an attacks power and penetration was Hatake Kakashi’s trick.  He said that for Sasuke to touch him even when he is clad in raiton armor was something.

While fighting with Darui, Suigetsu asks if there is no hope and Darui answered him that Sasuke is good as dead.

The Raikage captures Sasuke and raised him up and smashed him head first into the ground using Raiger Bomb.

Karin and Suigetsu were surprised.  Shii is finally released from genjutsu.  Darui declares it is over and even the Samurai watching from the background was amazed by the Raikage’s physical jutsu.  He thought he didn’t need the backup afterall when the Raikage saw the rubble.  A Susanoo has blocked the attack and cushioned Sasuke.  The Raikage is about to hit Sasuke when the Susanoo protected him and moved him out of harm’s way.

Darui rushes to aid Shii while the Raikage asked if that is the Mangekyo Sharingan.  Darui commented that nobody survived the Raikage’s Raiger Bomb before and Shii commented that he was beaten by an illusion and every once in a while, they will meet a genius like that.  Samurai reinforcements have arrived as well and they made their way towards Sasuke and the Raikage.  Darui noticed Sasuke’s eyes have changed.  Shii realized it is the Mangekyo Sharingan which is why the Raikage is keeping is chakras active to counter with a Shunshin no Jutsu.  Karin, on the other hand, sensed the Raikage’s chakra still growing, at a tailed-beast level.

Meanwhile, Madara is telling Naruto that someday he will make him fight Sasuke.  He said he will force Sasuke to acknowledge the Uchiha clan.  Naruto shouted that Sasuke is not his toy and he is way out of line.  He said he cannot easily change Sasuke’s heart like he did with Nagato.  He said he is the one that is out of line and that if he wants to control people’s hearts, he has to use the darkness within them.  He said that Nagato was just too easily influenced.

Naruto said that he and Nagato are different because deep in Nagato’s heart, he wished for peace.  Kakashi asked Madara that if he only want Konoha to acknowledge the Uchiha clan, why does he need the tailed beasts.  He asked him what he really is after.

Madara answered them in riddle.  He said that it is almost complete but there is no use telling them.  He said there are other, more effective places to have this conversation.  With that, he disappeared like a puff of smoke.

Back in the Land of Iron, Sasuke unleashes Amaterasu towards the Raikage.  Blood drips from his eyes as he use the technique.  The Raikage, using Shunshin no jutsu avoided the flame and it hit one of the Samurai.  The Raikage then attacks with a raigyakusuihei – a backhand chop at his oppenent despite Sasuke wrapping himself in black flames.  Karin noted that this way Sasuke is protected even if he cannot follow the Raikage’s movements.  This way the Raikage cannot attack him.  Shii noticed he could control the flames and even change it’s shape and wondered if he is more skilled than Itachi.

However, the Raikage would not be deterred.  He continued the attack despite the flames and sacrificing his left arm.  He hit Sasuke and knocked him off the ground and it seemed that he is about to follow a kick  towards Sasuke.



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