Posted by: kitpotter | March 3, 2010

Chapter 464 – The Power of Darkness

The Raikage is about to render a guillotine drop on Sasuke when his other eye – I can say this is the other eye because it is not yet blood sticken – opened with a Mangekyo Sharingan as well.  Suddenly, the black flames engulfed Sasuke.

When the Raikage’s foot hit him, there was sand blocking his foot and the black flames of Amaterasu.

Gaara appears!!!

He drove off the Raikage off Sasuke.  Sasuke recognize him.  Temari uses Kamaitachi no Jutsu to blow off a wind with the sand  to the Samurai engulfed with black flames and with Kankurou’s assistance, removed the fire from the Samurai.  However, even if the sand and fire was removed from the Samurai, the flames kept burning.

Gaara told the Samurai to stand back because this is a fight between ninjas and there is no need for them to lose their lives over it.  He’s so cool!

The Raikage demanded why he interfered and threatened that if he didn’t like his answer, there will be a price to pay.

Gaara calmly explained that if the Raikage continued to attack, the black flames would have harmed him even more.  Besides that, he wanted to talk with Uchiha Sasuke.  The Raikage cut off his flame-covered arms and asked Shii to stop the bleeding because he will attack Sasuke as soon as he is done.

While healing the Raikage he is thinking of Sasuke’s power.  He is thinking that Sasuke was able to touch the Raikage through his Raiton Armor and survived two major attacks.  He is also trying to ascertain that it is the left eye that controls the Amaterasu.

Gaara commented that Sasuke’s eyes are still the same.  A flashback in the past reminds us his first observation of Sasuke when he told him that he has the same eyes as he does, eyes that long for power, filled with hatred and murderous intent.  He told him then that he could see in his eyes that he is itching to kill those who drove him to loneliness.

Gaara told Sasuke that he has realized that living for revenge does not solve anything.  He said it is not yet too late for him.  He told him not to escape into his little world of hatred or he would not be able to return.

Sasuke answered that if he returns, what is there for him.  Kankurou asked Gaara not to bother as he is not like him and that If he could be convinced, Naruto would not have failed.  That he is already an Akatsuki and a wanted criminal.  Temari added that by attacking the Raikage and the others, as well as attacking the summit, he will be considered an international criminal.  Therefore, there is no future for him.

Gaara would not be deterred.  He told Sasuke that they are the alike and walked through the darkness of the world,  which is why they can see a sliver of light, both back then and even now.

But Sasuke replied that he has long since closed his eyes and his only goal is in the darkness.  Kankurou reminded Gaara not to make it personal.

Sand started coming out Gaara’s gourd with Sasuke’s answer and with tears on his eyes he answered Kankurou, that he knows that and attacks Sasuke with his Sand Shield.

Meanwhile, Karin finally locates Danzo.  Fu senses the sensor and informed Danzo that they may eventually make their way towards him.  Danzo replied that they will stay where they are and if a fight ensues, they could use the commotion to escape.

Ao told them to quit whispering and that he is a sensor too.  He knows that the enemy has found them but that they better not make a move.  He said that they will deal with them when they get here.

Meanwhile Sasuke sends an Amaterasu towards Gaara but it was simply blocked by Gaara’s Sand Shield.  Sasuke commented that he has to guard himself with an enton and that his absolute defense is alive and well.

The Raikage is impatient and asks Shii if he is done with his arm.  Shii said he’s almost finished.  Darui, on the other hand offered to help.  He told Kankurou and the others that he’ll go first and the rest of them could attack at once.  The three from Suna agreed.

Darui used a Ranton Laser Circus which creates several bright beams of electricity that shoot at the enemy.  The beams are able to alter their direction and explodes on impact.

Temari used an Okamaitachi which I believe sends clouds of sands to the opponent using her fan.

Kankurou used Akahigi Kiki Sankaku which uses his Sasori puppet and launches several triangular blades with bombs attached to them.

Gaara used a Rendan Suna Shigure to cast successive sand drizzle which creates  dozens of sand bullets that would shower the enemy.

A huge explosion on Sasuke followed but once the air cleared, Sasuke is seen standing clear, unharmed.  A Susanoo has blocked all their attacks and he told Gaara that his defense is even more absolute than his.

The Raikage realized this is how he guarded himself against his attacks.  Shii noticed that his chakras are the same as when he used the genjustsu.  Suigetsu says this does not look promising and Jugo, now half conscious realize this is what Sasuke wanted to try.  Karin noticed this isn’t the same Sasuke, that this is too cold.  Gaara asked if this is the power of the darkness.

Sasuke said that only those who control the double Mangekyo can use this power, the third power… Susanoo.


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