Posted by: kitpotter | March 3, 2010

Chapter 466 – Battle Behind Closed Doors

The Mizukage has Sasuke cornered.  She said that she’ll give him a kiss for him to remember her by.  With this, Karin protested that an old hag like her should not act all seductive.  The Mizukage seemed crossed about the comment while Chojiro sets to defend his master since she seemed keen on fighting him.

Mizukage told the Tsuchikage to leave the room if he is not joining the fight.  She spits out another glob of lava – Yoton Yokai no Jutsu.

Sasuke was of course, protected by his Susanoo.  Karin was thrown off and the Tsuchikage and Akazuchi are watching from above.  It was followed by Chojiro’s Hiramekarei Release which throws off Sasuke out of the lava created earlier by the Mizukage and into the hallway.  The Mizukage to followed him.  Karin sensed it was weird that she could no longer sense his chakra.

Sasuke, on the other hand, seemed weakened and in so much pain.  The cells in his body seemed to ache and he realized this is the effect of using Susanoo for long periods of time and to think he has not even perfected it yet.  He imagined what it must be like for Itachi.

The Mizukage came into the hallway and sealed off both entances. They were alone.  She said she can use fire, water and earth and therefore, she’s got two kekkei genkais – bloodline limit. The Mizukage then released a Futton Komu no Jutsu which brought out an acid mist.

Sasuke’s Susanoo began to melt.  Karin realizes Sasuke is on the other side of the wall and sensed his chakra getting weaker.  The Mizukage commented that it seemed his fight with the Raikage has weakened him but that she does not have any intention of helping him.  She said it always hurts to melt a good looking guy but that he has to die.

Suddenly, everybody was being engulfed by spores.  It was Zetsu’s Spore Techniques which could suck out the opponents chakras and transfer it to another.  He said he could not believe none of the Five Kages noticed his Hoshi no Jutsu.

With that, he replenished Sasuke’s chakras.  Sasuke was then able to break out of the Mizukage’s wall.

The Tsuchikage commented she may be having a little trouble and prompted Akazuchi to join the fight.  They easily broke away from the spore that held them in with a Doton Kajugan no Jutsu.

Just as Sasuke appeared, the Tsuchikage told him he’s unable to believe that a child like him defeated Deidara and even if he has nothing against him, the ninja world wants him dead.  He crashes him with a Jinton Genkai Hakuri no Jutsu.

Karin was flabbergasted, she could sense Sasuke’s chakra is gone.  The Tsuchigake said of course, it will be, because his body would have been crushed into smithereens and that she is next.

Just then, the Raikage and the Kazekage arrived back.  The Raikage asked where Sasuke is and the Tsuchikage said he’s smashed him into pieces.  He was furious, saying it was his job.  Just then, Madara appeared and told the Raikage to quit his whining because he still have a chance.  He’s got Sasuke on his shoulders, unconscious.

He introduced himself as Uchiha Madara and said that he’s here to explain something. He said that he wants to tell them about his Moon’s Eye Plan.


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