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Chapter 467 – Declaration of War

The scene begins with Sai, Sakura, Kiba and Lee leaving Konoha.  Sai asked Kiba to track Naruto as soon as they reach the Land of Iron.  Kiba answered in the affirmative but had to sigh.  Lee asked him what the matter is.  He explained that all Ino could do was cry but Sakura seemed to be prepared for the worst.  He said that he doesn’t know what she is going to tell Naruto but that it is not going to be pleasant.

Lee said that Sakura had been thinking about it a lot.  He’s changed the topic then to what he needed to do, search Naruto and at the same time, make sure that the Root is not tracking them as well.

Meanwhile, Naruto, Kakashi and Yamato are leaving the inn now.  Sasuke seemed oblivious to everything.  He is thinking about Madara’s words – that Sasuke has chosen hatred.  Anger seemed to creep up his eyes but he immediately closed it and said he would just have to ask Sasuke.

Back at the summit, the Raikage punches Madara after realizing that Sasuke is the reason why Danzo was able to escape.  However, Madara simply dodged his attack using his time and space technique.  The Raikage said no plan of Akatsuki can be good and therefore, no need for explanations.  He demanded that Madara bring Sasuke back.

Madara said they have to listen to him and depending on their answer, he might bring Sasuke back.  The Tsuchikage told the Raikage it would not hurt to listen.

Madara immediately took Karin and told her to heal Sasuke.  Kankurou and Temari now realized Madara’s power is time and space continuum.

Now, Madara’s asked them to listen.  He said that it is rare for anyone to awaken Susanoo.  He said he wants to stockpile good eyes.  He said he wanted Sasuke to improve his skills in a battle with the Five Kages which is why he sent Sasuke in the meeting.  He said that he has also thought of weakening the Kages and taking them hostage but it looked like it is still out of reach.  The Mizukage asked what would they be hostaged for. Madara said it is to make his Moon’s Eye Plan go more smoothly.

The Tsuchikage said he cannot believe that Uchiha Madara is still alive and with his caliber, why does he need to go in a roundabout manner when he could execute any plan without a hitch.

Madara answered that the wound inflicted by the Shodai Hokage Hashirama were too great he is now merely a shell of his former self.

Shii asked if this is then a plan to return him to his former self.  Madara said it may be so but that is not all.

He said the plan is that everything will become one with him and it will be a perfect union.  He said he would be complete.

The Tsuchikage asked what he meant.  Madara went to explain that an ancient stone tablet has been passed down through the Uchiha clan for generations.  Even now, it lies beneath Konoha.  Carved upon it are the secrets of the Rikudo Sage and only those with eye powers can read them.  He said more can be decoded if read in order with the Sharingan, Mangekyo Sharingan and the Rinnegan.

The Raikage said the Rikudo Sage is nothing but a fairytale but Madara begged to disagree.  The Raikage asked what this has to do with his Moon’s Eye Plan.

He asked them if they knew why the Rikudo Sage became a legend and came to be worshipped as a god by the ninjas.  He said that is the connection between the Rikudo Sage and his plan.

The Mizukage said he has the Sharingan and an Akatsuki member with a Rinnegan.  The Tsuchikage asked him to tell them.

Madara said that the Rikudo Sage saved the world from a monster.  He referred to Gaara saying that a part of that monster was once sealed within him.  Madara explained that it is the fusion of all the tailed beasts and that it possesses the strongest chakras ever.  The ten-tailed beast, Jubi.

Gaara was speechless.  Temari commented there is a beast that has more tails than the Kyuubi.  Madara said it is the fusion of all the nine beasts.

He said the nine tailed beasts are nothing but a division of the Jubi’s chakras and that it was the Rikudo Sage who did the division.  In order to protect the world from Jubi, he developed a new jutsu which is still in use today – the Host Seal System.  The Rikudo Sage himself is the host of the Jubi.  He sealed it within his own body to control it.  He was then worshipped as a god for having saved the world from the Jubi.

But the Jubi’s chakras were so great that the seal would break once the sage dies and will wreak havoc once again.  Thus, on his deathbed, he used the last of his strength to divide the Jubi’s chakras and spread them throughout the world.  Then the Jubi’s empty body was sealed away and sent into the sky where no one could reach it.  There it became the moon.

Darui said the scale is too huge and if any one man could do it.  Madara said that having become the Jubi’s host, the Rikudo Sage was already more than human.

Mifune said he understands that he is gathering the beasts to gain their inhuman power but asked what he plans to do with that power.  Madara answered that he will revive the Jubi and become it’s host and he will be able to strengthen his eyes and use a certain jutsu.  He said it is the most powerful illusion ever, the ability to project his eyes onto the moon – the Mugen Tsukiyomi.

He said he would be able to cast an illusion over everyone on earth.  He will control everyone with his illusion and the world will become one.  A world without ill or strife.  Everything will be one in him and everything will be united.  That, he says, is his Moon’s Eye Plan.

The Raikage said he will not simply hand the world over to him.  Gaara said that peace under an illusion is not true peace.  He said it is only meaningful if the real world manages to accomplish it.  The Mizukage said there will be no hopes or dreams, merely an escape.  The Tsuchikage said that Danzo said something similar but in his case, it seemed that he only wanted to make the world his.

Madara asked them what they have accomplished.  He said there is no hope.  He said hope is nothing more than resignation and that is what is not real.

He demanded that the Five Kages hand over the Hachibi and the Kyuubi and cooperate with his plan.  Otherwise, it will be a war.

At the mention of Hachibi, Madara told him that they have failed to capture Killerbee.  He, Darui and Shii looked relieved.    Then, realizing what Killerbee has done to leave the village and gallivant about, he threatened Bee with his Iron Claws.

Gaara said he will not let Madara take Naruto.  (So cool!) Mizukage said she’d never let him take the Kyuubi either.  The Raikage said he’s never let him take his brother as well.

Madara said he may not have the power himself but he has the power of the beasts he has gathered.  Gaara said that they will not give up hope.

Madara says to consider this conversation as a declaration of war and the Fourth Ninja War begins now.


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