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Chapter 468 – Hachibi and Kyuubi

The Kages were definitely surprised at the declaration of a 4th Ninja World War.  Madara said he is not a fool to say something like that in jest and that the next time they meet would be on the battleground.

Gaara said they they should form a shinobi alliance because there is no way to oppose the power of seven bijuus.  The Mizukage told the Raikage that she recalls that he was opposed to the idea.  The Raikage answered that no harm had come to his brother but he refuse to have Akatsuki have their way with him and therefore agrees to a shinobi alliance.

The Tsuchikage asked about Konoha since the Hokage has fled.  He said that the dark rumours surrounding Danzo are too great and after what happened he has lost all their trust.  The Raikage added that if the shinobi of Konoha finds out what happened,  his position in the village will be strained.  Gaara said that he will pass the news of the shinobi alliance to a Konoha shinobi that he trusts.  The Raikage asked him who might that be and Gaara said it is Hatake Kakashi of the Sharingan.  The Tsuchikage commented he is the son of the White Fang. The Raikage recalled his earlier meeting with him and said he seemed more trustworthy than Danzo, at least.

Shii, on the other hand, suggested that they should make arrangements to track down Killerbee.  He said if the Akatsuki’s target are Hachibi and Kyuubi, then they might still be pursuing Killerbee with all their might.  So the Raikage instructed him to select a search party at once and contact the village so they could begin the search.  Darui also said that they should immediately let Team Samui know  especially that Omoi and Karui are feeling down about it.

Mizukage said said that in order to put a stop to Madara’s “Moon’s Eye Plan”, they should not permit the Akatsuki to obtain the Hachibi and Kyuubi.  She said it seems prudent then that the shinobi alliance to locate the Hachibi and the Kyuubi and hide them before they could be reached by the Akatsuki.

The Tsuchikage disagreed saying that the power of the seven bijuus that Madara has collected is beyond imagining and that he may have some kind of jutsu or other secret plan up his sleeve that makes use of them.  He suggested that would it not be better to include the Hachibi and the Kyuubi as a valuable part of their own military forces.

Unthinkable was Gaara’s answer.  He said that protecting them is a vital object of this war.  He said he suspects that the reason Madara has decided to start this war using the seven bijuus is because in his current weakened state, and with a few Akatsuki members remaining, it would be too difficult for him to capture the Hachibi and the Kyuubi.  He added that even if Madara succeeded, the risks would be too high.  He said Madara might be using the war to lure out the Hachibi and the Kyuubi.  Both the Raikage and the Mizukage agreed with the Kazekage.  The Raikage added that considering what it may lead to they cannot possibly lay the Hachibi and the Kyuubi right before the enemy’s eyes.  He also said that his brother is not the kind of man to follow any strategies they they prepare.  He said his brother could only bring chaos to the battlefield.  Gaara added that Naruto is just the same.

The Mizukage then asks the Tsuchikage if he agrees.  Meanwhile the Raikage said that he will pass their information on Killerbee to the Rock, Mist, Sand and Leaf Villages.  He suggests that search teams be organized and mobilised immediately.  He asked that once information on the Hachibi is found, the information should be passed on to him since he is the only person whom his brother would actually listen to.  He asked the Kazekage to handle the task of passing the information to Kakashi.  He also told Gaara that he met Kakashi and the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki on the way to the summit and they could still be somewhere in the  Iron Country.

Chojiro, the Mizukage’s guard, wanted to ask the Raikage something.  He said that amongst Akatsuki’s remaining members is Hoshigaki Kisame, a member of the Seven Swordsmen like himself posseses chakra on the level of the Jinchuuriki and Samehada, the most terrible of the all the seven swordsmen’s blades.  He said once he and the Samehada are put together, you’ll get a human with as much power as a Jinchuuriki without a tail.  He said he is a speacial case and must not be underestimated.

The Tsuchikage said that they are quite aware of that.  He addes that the seven bijuus power is already a huge unknown quantity and even if they secure the Hachibi and the Kyuubi, and protect them with the alliance, if that alliance is annihilated, then everything would be meaningless that is why it would be more advantageous to send them into battle head on.  Mifune asked if he is sure about that.

Mifune said that the formation of the first ever true shinobi alliance is in itself a huge unknown quantity in terms of power as well.  He said that Madara himself is taking a risk using the power of the seven bijuus this way.  He said that if it wasn’t a risk, Madara would not even care to negotiate so it would seem the favor is in the alliance.  He added that they, the Samurai, will also take part in this as well.  He asked the Tsuchikage if he is still worried then.

Meanwhile, Jugo and Suigetsu thinks the Raikage and the Kazekage has headed above.  Suigetsu thinks Sasuke and Karin must have gone ahead as well and asks Jugo if they should look after them.  He said that they’re on the lookout and they would be found immediately.  Suigetsu said that if that is his worry, he’s got an idea.

Kurozuchi who was watching the fight earlier between Sasuke and the Raikage, found half of Zetsu’s body and wondered about how creepy he is.

Meanwhile, Killerbee is found near a far off mountain practicing his music career with his new music teacher, Master Sabu, who thinks Bee lacks passion in his singing.  Ponta, Sabu’s dog, seemed to sense something.

On the other hand, Naruto is concentrating hard.  He is thinking that if he keeps on doing as he has done, he is never going to find Sasuke.  He said he should work on extending how long he could stay in Sage Mode.  Yamato was just calling Naruto in when Sai, Sakura, Kiba and Lee arrived.  Kakashi asked why they are all here.

Sakura spoke directly to Naruto saying she wanted to talk to him.

Back in the mountain, Sabu asked who the newcomer was.  Killerbee said he is one of the Akatsuki guys and if he will give him a few minutes, he’ll finish him off so they could go back to practicing.

It’s Kisame.  He told Bee that he was hard to find but that his blade, Samehada, loves powerful chakras and was rather persistent to track him.  He said he will be his Samehada’s food but he can rest assured that they will not kill him.

This is not good.  One, both the Hachibi and Kyuubi Jinchuuriki are stubborn.  I doubt they will agree to be protected.  Two, I  love Gaara, but he should have more faith in Naruto.  He’s become so overprotective of him, and I like that.  But Naruto is not one to be pampered.  He’s underestimating his capabilities.  And Naruto defeated Pain (all seven of them) when he was not able to defeat Deidara.  And both their villages are under threat at the time.  He should give him more credit.  He is not as unruly as he used to be.


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