Posted by: kitpotter | March 3, 2010

Chapter 469 – Sakura’s Confession

Killer Bee told Kisame that he is going to kill him and teach him the difference between them.  Kisame said he talks a lot and can’t believe that the bear is about to attack first.  Ponta’s legs immediately attacked Kisame.

Ao, on his trail to chase Danzo finds a half bodied man that looked similar to Zetsu. He doesn’t believe it’s Danzo’s trap rather more of an Akatsuki.

Meanwhile, Danzo and his guards are in front of three similar bodies like Zetsu.  Fu explains it’s a jutsu at activates a chakraless spores to parasitically drain chakras off a living body.  Torune then asked about the other one following them.

Fu answered that Ao is still on their trail and he is not sure whether he’d fall for their trap.  Danzo said that he does not care whether he is dead or alive, as long as they bring him his right eye.  With that, Fu asked Torune to wactch over his body.

Ao is attacked.  He avoids it and hit back only to realize that it is a booby trap.  He sees himself in the darkness.  He then realizes that it is a Shinten Kugutsu no Jutsu, a body swap on whoever attacks the juin.  Torune asks Danzo what now and he replied that he will tell them once Fu returns.

Back in the Land of Iron, Raikage now asks Mifune who will lead the alliance now that Danzo is gone.  He said it was him who dismissed all of them and now wonders who would be most suitable.  Mifune chose the Raikage.  Tsuchikage said he thought he said he was too emotional.  Mifune apologized for his hasty judgements and now that the Hachibi is alive, the Raikage will surely be under control.  He added that he has already taken the lead and was quick to come up with a plan.  The Tsuchikage asked the opinions of the Mizukage and Kazekage.  The Mizukage said this is not the time for in-fighting and that she trusts the Raikage.  The Kazekage said he also trusts him.  Raikage told the Tsuchikage that it is up to him since he is the only one who fought Uchiha Madara, he will need his intel.  He asks the Tsuchiage to join him.  He said it does not matter whether he trusts him or not, but the world is about to be destroyed.  He said it is the time to set aside personal grudges and join forces.  The Tsuchikage said that it is better than to lose a war, then his opinions of him would not matter if the world is destroyed.  He agreed to join him.  He said the shinobi alliance is formed but first they must speak with the Daimyos.

Meanwhile, we find Naruto confused with what Sakura had told him.  Lee was wide-eyed as well as Yamato.   Kiba and Kakashi did not seem surprise and had no facial expression to betray any feelings.  Sakura repeated herself and told Naruto that she loves him.  Naruto is speechless and paralyzed.  She said she no longer cares about Sasuke and she was crazy to ever love him in the first place.  She said Naruto should at least listen when someone is pouring their heart out to him.

Naruto asked her why.  He said it it was a joke, it is not funny.  Even Kakashi is asking himself what may have happened.  Sakura answered that she just came into her senses.  That there is no use loving a missing-nin and that she is not a child anymore and should be realistic.  She said she does not need to keep his promise anymore and he could stop chasing after Sasuke.  Yamato asked what is going on.  Kiba, on the other hand, realizes why Sakura asked them to let her talk to Naruto.

Naruto asked Sakura what happened and why she is telling him all these things all of a sudden.  Sakura said nothing and that is clear why she fell for him.

Naruto had a flashback when they were younger. How Sakura longed to be noticed by Sasuke.  How she cried when he left and wished for him back.

Sakura hugged Naruto to prove her point.  She told Naruto that Sasuke keeps getting further and further away but he has always been there by her side, encouraging her.  She now realized who he is, a hero loved by the village and she is one of them.  She said she saw him grow little by little from the prankster he once was to someone wonderful and heroic.  She said she has seen that happened.  She said Sasuke crimes on the other hand keeps growing and he’s become distant and unrecognizable.  But Naruto, she can touch and he can bring her peace.

Naruto stopped her midsentence.  He told her it isn’t funny. Sakura asked why he was so upset when she said she’s fallen for him.

Naruto answered that he hates people who lie to themselves.  Ouch!

Ah!  I dunno whether I should hate her or hate her.  She’s hurt him more with that lie than with the truth.  The way she even said it, so cold.  I know she is doing this for his own good, but I feel as if she’s made it worse


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