Posted by: kitpotter | March 5, 2010

Chapter 470 – Killerbee vs Kisame

Naruto is enraged by Sakura’s confession.  (And rightly so. Sorry, I’m biased because I really like Hinata.)  Goodness!  Two confessions.

Sakura asked Naruto if he thinks she is lying to herself.  She said she is the only one who knows what she is thinking and demanded that if he does not like her, he could just say so.  She said she should not make excuses.  Naruto countered that it was weird that she came all this way just to say something like that.

Hearing the phrase, “something like that,” sent her to a fit of anger.  He told Naruto that it is not easy for a girl to confess her feelings.  All this way.  She said she had to come all this way because he’s always beem chasing Sasuke and placing himself in danger.  She said that Akatsuki is after him because he is the Kyuubi’s host and he should be worried by his own safety.  She said, calming down, that she does not want him to go after Sasuke if it means putting himself in danger.  She said the reason she came is that she wants him to go back to the village with her.

Naruto replied that it sounds just like an excuse to him.  He said he thinks he knows her better than that. Sakura said he doesn’t know anything and that she doesn’t care about Sasuke anymore now that he is a criminal.  So he should forget his promise to her.

Naruto replied that it isn’t about the promise.  He said he knows why Sasuke is obsessed by revenge.  He said Sasuke loved his family and his clan so much he could not let it go.

Kiba said that if he already defeated Itachi, why did Sasuke had to join the Akatsuki.  Naruto said that is not what happened but Kakashi interrupted before Naruto could tell Kiba the truth.  Naruto remembered Kakashi telling him to keep what Madara said a secret for now because he does not want to cause trouble during the reconstruction and they could not trust Madara’s word without anything to back it up.  So Naruto simply answered that it has nothing to do with his promise to her.  He said he wants to help Sasuke.

Kiba whispered to Sakura what they should do and if they should tell him the truth.  She stepped on his foot and answered Naruto that if that is what he wants, she is going home.  And she left with Sai, Kiba and Lee and silently begged forgivenes from Naruto.  Aww…

Unbeknownst  to Sakura, Lee and Kiba, the real Sai is hiding.  The Sai with them is merely a Kagebunshin.  When they have gotten far from Naruto, Sakura asked Kiba to help her look for Sasuke.  A look of determination on her face.

Meanwhile, the Five Kages are on the move on separate directions.  Kurozuchi is asking the Tsuchikage a question why.  She said that if they destroy the Hachibi and the Kyuubi, that will put an end to Madara’s plan and at the same time, they will be able to weaken Kumo and Konoha as well.  She said it is like hitting two birds with one stone.  The Tsuchikage said he’s decided against that at this time.  Kurozuchi said it is not like the hard-headed old man she knew.  He answered that he remembered who he used to be before he became the hard-headed old man remembering Gaara’s question, “When did you lose yourselves?”

In the mountains, Ponta was down.  Kisame commented that for such a big bear he doesn’t put up much of a fight.  Master Sabu said he is a raccoon and he will get a taste of his passion.

Killerbee, contemplating still on passion, says passion is when you use it.  His resolve is finally formed.  Just as Kisame is about to attack Master Sabu, he threw a pencil at him.  He dodged it and surmised that Killerbee increased the pencil’s penetrative force using high frequency of a raiton.  He said it would have punctured a hole in him if he was not able to dodge it.

Just then, Sabu attacked with a Yosakugiri.  With that he realized that Bee threw the raiton ningu to see how he would react.  As he was blocking Sabu, Bee appeared behind him realizing it was merely a diversion so he could be surrounded.  Bee now attacks to finally create a hole in him.

Kisame threw down Sabu without an effort and he blocked Bee’s weapon with Samehada. However, Bee’s Super Vibrato Raiton Knife did not even manage to pierce Samehada.  The Hachibi’s cloak suddenly appeared and Bee threw a headbutt towards Kisame.  But when his forehead touched Kisame, nothing happened.  The cloak also disappeared.

Bee asked Kisame what he did with his chakras.  Sabu shouted to Bee that Kisame’s sword absorbed his chakras.  He said that the Samehada must have absorbed the  chakras before his knife got to him which was why he was only able to graze him.  The Samehada seemed to ripple.  Kisame said that it seemed his Samehada liked the taste of Bee’s octopus chakra.  He added that Samehada doesn’t usually get this excited and it should be fun killing him.  Samehada started making another gurgling sound and started to change it’s shape.  Kisame told Bee his name and told him to remember it.


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