Posted by: kitpotter | March 5, 2010

Chapter 471 – Tailed Beast, Version 2

Samehada has transformed.  The tip of the sword has formed a mouth and it makes gurgling sounds.  Bee spit out ink on his finger and said he will remember Hoshigaki Kisame’s name.  Kisame noted he really is an octupus being able to spit out some ink.  Bee said that he’s going to make him cry and described him as a shark.

Bee is suddenly covered with the Hachibi’s cloak with seven tails.  Sabu mentioned he is not even taking Kisame seriously.  Bee asked Kisame if he knows that octopuses eats sharks and his knife and the Samehada parried.

Samehada ate Bee’s chakras leaving one tail.  Kisame said it looks like this time, the shark is going to eat the octupus.  Sabu noted that as Samehada ate the chakra, it grew bigger.  Bee also noted that the sword is fast and hungry but it can only eat six tails at one time.  He added that if the version he is going to try right now does not work, he will just have to go to the next.

Meanwhile, the Mizukage and Chojiro are tracking Ao’s direction.  Ao has a kunai pointed at his eye but he is unable to reach his eyes.  It is being covered. Fu is trying to get to his byakugan eyes but Ao said that he should not bother because he is using a barrier jutsu that only the Kiri black-ops’ hunter-nins can break.  He said it is the only byakugan the Kiri has in it’s possession and he would not let him get his hands on it easily.

Fu said that it seemed it is automatically invoked when the eye is in danger.  He said it will not be easy, his own eye will be crushed if he gouge Ao’s eye out of his. Ao asked if this was ordered by Danzo and if he thinks so low of his subordinates.  Fu said that his eye is a small price to pay for a big blow in Kiri.  He said he cannot do anything with the barrier in there but he has ways of getting into it.  He said he will jump down and cut Ao’s head.  If he is not able to take his eye, then, he will take his whole head to Konoha.

Ao asked if he is going to kill himself as well.  Fu said that he will leave his body as soon as his neck is cut and he will return to his body.  He will retrieve his head later.  Ao said he’d better be careful because he would not want him to make a mistake.  Fu asked what he meant. Ao answered that if he get scared and leave his body too soon, he will block the blade and if he doesn’t die, their positions will be reversed when he returns for his head.

Back in the mountains, Kisame said he’s never seen Samehada grow that big.  The Hachibi inside Bee is asking him to let him out.  Bee told him that if they did that, one blow will be so big it will destroy the whole area and they have Sabu and Ponta to think about.  He added that he is hiding and if he lets him out, everyone will know where he is.  The Hachibi said it was unlike him to dither and asked if he will do the version 2 instead.  Bee answered yes and asked him to lend him some of his chakras since Samehada absorbed most of his.  The hachibi commented that he would have long died if it were not for him.

Bee transformed.  Kisame asked if this is the Hachibi mode.  Sabu, though, knew this is the Hachibi’s power contained in human form.  With that, the Samehada seemed more excited.  Kisame noted that Samehada is tripping out and Bee’s chakras is incomparably bigger and stronger.  He added that he is not going to be able to absorb all of it at once.

Bee attacked Kisame and Samehada.  After the attack, Bee transformed back into his earlier version.  Kisame said he’s gotten him.  Sabu said he should finish him off as he is still alive.  However, when Kisame touched Samehada, he’s regained power.

Kisame said that he get stronger in direct proportion to how strong his opponent is.  He said he doesn’t get tired and neither can he be defeated.  He said that is the reason why he was called the tailed beast without the tail.  With that, he unleased a Suiton Daibakusui Shoha.  Bee, Sabu and Ponta are drawn into the water.

Kisame said that the longer the batte goes on, the more worn down the opponent gets and the more worn down the opponent gets, the stronger he gets as well.  Sabu shouted to Bee that he would just have to take his sword then because that is the key.

A big bubble of water surrounded the mountain. Kisame has fused with Samehada and transformed into a shark-like creature.  Kisame said they could take the sword if they can remove it from his body.


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