Posted by: kitpotter | March 6, 2010

Chapter 472 – A Deadly Battle in an Underwater Prison

Master Sabu was surprised that Kisame fused with his sword.  Bee, lost for words, could not decide whether it was a man who became part fish or a fish who became part man.  Master Sabu told him not to take long because he could not hold his breath forever and that the word Bee is looking for would be half-man, half-fish.

Kisame started to attack.  Bee is thinking of first getting Master Sabu and Ponta out of their prison water.  Bee grabbed hold of Master Sabu and Ponta in the hopes of bringing them out of the water but it seemed so far from the edge.  Kisame shouted that he cannot escape and he is at a disadvantage.

The water prison, on the other hand seemed to be moving from one place to another.  Hachibi noticed this and told Bee that the water is moving with Kisame.  He added that he’s faster in the water and probably have gills to breathe underwater.  He told Bee that if he just keep on running, he’d be dead soon enough.  He told Bee that he should leave Master Sabu and Ponta and run in the opposite direction.  That way, Kisame will follow him, along with the water and then Sabu and Ponta will be left on dry land.  He is, afterall, what Kisame is after.

And so, Bee let go of Master Sabu and Ponta and went on the other direction.  Kisame noticed and did not do exactly as Bee predicted.  Instead, Kisame still went after Master Sabu and Ponta.  Kisame said he has to take Bee alive but nobody would care if the other two dies.  Bee said he would not let him kill them and went back to Master Sabu and Ponta.

When Bee came back, Kisame said he fell for it.  It was his intention so he could get close to Bee.  They clashed and Kisame started absorbing Bee’s chakras.  Bee said that he would not let him continue absorbing his chakras.  Kisame complimented him that he is the perfect host being able to partially transform at his size.

Once the Hachibi gave Bee the signal that Sabu and Ponta are out of the prison water, Bee’s octopus tails encircled around Kisame’s gills.  Kisame said it’s a good idea but by touching his body, he is able to absorb his chakras and he could feel Samehada’s joy.

Kisame is thinking of using the Lariat again but Hachibi said that he would not be able to beat Kisame in the water and that he is more on guard right now.  Hachibi recommends that they withdraw and regroup.

Kisame said that no one in Akatsuki is better at capturing people alive than he is.  He said his Suiro Same Odori no Jutsu (Water Prison Shark Dance Technique) will suck out all but the last dregs of his chakras.

Bee, on the other hand, released ink covering the entire water prison.  Kisame said that even if he is trying to blind him, when he is fused with Samehada, he can feel other people’s chakras and that his is almost gone.  Just then, the water prison burst out covering the entire forest with ink.  Bee is found lying on the ground with Kisame standing right over him.

Kisame unfused with Samehada.  He said that the Hachibi was not so tough afterall.  He said he’ll cut off his feet using Samehada because he wouldn’t want Bee transforming.  Inside Bee, the Hachibi said that Kisame has almost taken most of his chakras as well and was asking Bee to wake up.

Just as Kisame is about to cut off Bee’s feet, the Samehada refused to cooperate.  It would not let him cut off Bee.  When he tried to pick up the sword, it attacked him instead.

Kisame asked if he’s grown attached to the Hachibi and if he liked his chakras that much.  He then noticed that Samehada started giving back chakras to Bee.  He immediately kicked the Samehada away from Killerbee.

Kisame said fine, he will just exchange weapons with Killerbee.  He grabbed Bee’s knife and moved to cut off his feet.


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