Posted by: kitpotter | March 6, 2010

Chapter 473 – Brother

Just as Kisame is about to strike Killerbee, Master Sabu rushes to his aid.  Killerbee then strikes a pencil filled with chakra towards him.  Kisame immediately blocks it with a piece of wood.

Kisame said it was indeed close if that is what his act was aiming for.  He said he had no idea the pencil he threw earlier was there.  The Samehada seemed to rush into the scene but  Kisame strikes the weapon towards Bee.

Just then, a  shuriken cuts off the knife.  It’s the Raikage with Shii and Darui.  Shii apologized they were late.  Bee asked how they were able to find them.

Shii answered that it was all thanks to Hoshigaki Kisame, they could clearly see the giant mass of water with Bee and the Hachibi’s chakras mixed into it.

Darui said that if he just go around recklessly absorbing  people’s chakras and using them, he’s gonna be found out.

Bee just said that they found him while the Samehada is giving him chakras which was noticed by Kisame.

The Raikage told his brother that they start the attack on Kisame.  Kisame immediately started to create a justsu but the brothers were faster.  He hasn’t finished his jutsu when Bee and the Raikage gave him a Double Lariat.  Kisame was immediately decapitated.  His head fell right in front of Master Sabu.  It was that simple.  Goodness!  They’re so strong!

The Raikage then punched Bee on the head and told him that he should not be out wandering alone.  He said he may be left handed but his right hand still packs a punch.

Back in the Land of Iron, the Samurai are still searching for the two companions of Sasuke.  They have information from the Kumogakure sensors that they are still around and they were asked to find them.  Just then, two of the Samurai’s were surrounded and was told to remove their armor. It was Jugo and Suigetsu.  Jugo said it wasn’t a very good plan afterall.

Meanwhile, the Mizukage and Chojuro found Ao and was able to save him.  The Mizukage asked what happened and he explained that  the enemy used a variant of Shintenshin no jutsu that made him lose control of his body and if they haven’t arrived, he would have died.

Chojiro said that he knows he is a sensor  and has more experience than he does but he must have been worried they will not arrive on time – ha! A giveaway.  The Mizukage noticed the patch on his eyes and said that they must be after the Buyakugan. Ao replied they almost had it as well and asked if she could untie the ropes.  The Mizukage said she would and break the jutsu on his right eye as well.  Ao replied that it would help a lot.  Chojiro also noticed the doll nearby.

Ao, on the other hand, could witness the whole thing and realized the jutsu has not been reversed yet.  He also realized that the chakra belongs to the Konoha sensor, Fu, and must have sensed them coming and waited for the opportunity.

The Mizukage stood and asked Chojuro to let her borrow his Hiramekarei and announced that he is not Ao.  She explained that Ao knew she could not break the jutsu in his eyes and that he would never apologize in front of Chojuro.

He replied that she got her and described her as an old hag.  Well, it seemed he got a beating because we find Ao next all beaten up saying it wasn’t him who said it.  Chojuro, beside the doll must have broken the jutsu as well.  Chojuro said he should be thankful it was not his Hiramekarei.

Fu woke up to his own body.  Danzo asked how it went and he replied that he failed.

Meanwhile, Sai appeared before Naruto.  Naruto asked what he was doing back here and Kakashi said it was a clone. Sai said that he is going to tell Naruto the truth that Sakura could not tell him.

Is it just me, or is he becoming too meddlesome?


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