Posted by: kitpotter | March 7, 2010

Chapter 474 – Hokage’s Resolution

Sai is about to reveal Sakura’s real intentions.  He told Naruto that Sakura did not come to confess her feelings to him.  She came to tell him what she and their age mates decided.

Naruto said it did seem weird and that she was hiding something afterall.  Sai said he now understands why Sakura could not tell him the truth.

Sai informed Naruto that his age mates decided to get rid of Sasuke to Naruto’s surprise.  Naruto asked Sai if Sakura even understand the meaning of that.  He said that Sakura loves Sasuke and could not bring himself to believe that Sakura could be thinking of killing Sasuke.

Sai explained that Sasuke is helping darkness overtake their world.  That if Sasuke is allowed to live, he will become the spark that will start an international war.  He is a criminal now and after Akatsuki attacked Konoha, Konoha could no longer turn a blind eye that Sasuke is working with Akatsuki.  He said that Sakura is not stupid and she is no longer a child not to understand other people’s circumstances.  He said that is what Sakura came to tell him.

Naruto asked why she didn’t tell him then.  Kakashi said it was probably not easy and that she knew it would hurt him.  Sai added that Sakura was thinking of lessening Naruto’s burden by giving up on Sasuke and confessing her love.  However, Naruto still chose to save Sasuke.  He said it was probably the reason why she could not tell him.  Sai said that she was thinking of Naruto’s feelings and must have known his answer.  He said that she asked him not to tell Naruto because she wanted to tell him herself.

Yamato said that if Sakura knew what Naruto’s reaction would be, it means she never meant to tell him the truth in the first place.  He asked what Sakura could be planning.  Sai started to answer with his guess but Kakashi finished it for him.  Kakashi said that Sakura is planning to kill Sasuke herself.

Sai remembered her conversation with Sakura and told them that she smiled at the time and he could tell it was fake.  Naruto could not believe what he is hearing. He said that Sakura likes Sasuke too much.

Sai said it the reason why she had to do it because he thinks Sakura could not just stand by and watch as Sasuke plunges towards evil.  That she wants to save him from a life of evil because she loves him and she is prepared to do whatever it takes even if it means killing the one she loves.

Sai added that Sakura knew that Naruto might hate her for it but it would be his way of making up for trying to saddle him with a lifelong burden.  He said that she has relied on Naruto too much so she plans on doing everything alone.  Naruto asked why Sai is telling him all this.  Sai explained that it is partly because of him that she’s decided on doing it and since he is a part of Team 7, he could not let Sakura carry the burden all by herself.

Naruto’s heart is burdened to Kakashi’s observation and he seemed distraught.  Just then, the Kazekage, Gaara, along with Kankurou and Temari, arrived.  Temari said that they came to tell them everything that happened at the Five Kage Summit.

While this is happening in the Land of Iron, Danzo and his party on their way back to Konoha was met by Uchiha Madara.  Madara said it was a long time since they last saw each other during the Uchiha incident.

Meanwhile, Gaara has finished explaining the incident at the summit.  Kakashi said he was not really into the whole Hokage thing but even if he does not have any choice now, he will need to get back to Konoha and ask everyone what they think.  Temari said that Madara has declared war and it is not the time to take things slow.

Yamato said that he thinks everyone will agree and they should continue as if Kakashi is the Hokage.  He added that it is too dangerous to take their time and let Madara get the upper hand.  Kakashi agreed and now pondered aloud about Sasuke attacking the summit.

Gaara immediately addressed Naruto that this is a war to protect the Hachibi and the Kyuubi, meaning him. He declared that for the sake of the ninja world and as Kazekage, he will guard Naruto with his life.  He said that if as a member of Akatsuki, Uchiha Sasuke stands in the way of the ninja collision, he will show no mercy.

Remembering his last conversation with Sasuke, Gaara told Naruto that Sasuke no longer sees him and longs only for his darkness.  He reminded Naruto that he wanted to become the Hokage.  He himself had become the Kazekage.  He said that if Naruto is prepared to bear the title of Kage, then he must do what he must as Sasuke’s friend.

Danzo, on the other hand, is about to release the seal on his right hand to fight Uchiha Madara.


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