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Chapter 475 – Madara’s True Strength

Madara asked if Danzo is really going to fight him.  Danzo warned Fu and Torune to be careful since they do not know what he is really capable of.  Fu told Torune that they should watch each other’s back.

Both of them began the attack.  Torune threw a set of kunai towards Madara while Fu tried to trap him with a jutsu.  However, Madara disappeared under the pillars he was standing on.  Fu determined he could disappear and pass through objects and he was unable to detect his chakras at all.

Just then, he reappeared behind Fu.  He immediately noticed and slashed him with a sword but it just went right through Madara.  Torune threw a kunai and was centimeters away from Madara’s mask but it also fell down and did not hit Madara.  Fu tried to attack but Madara immediately pushed him back.

Madara noticed Fu’s shintenshin jutsu and determined he was from the Yamanaka clan.  Fu and Torune observed that Madara could make himself permeable in order to evade attacks and become solid again to attack.  Fu said their best option is to counterattack.

Madara said that’s a good analysis while the two discuss the timing and who would be the decoy. Fu said he’ll be the decoy since Madara already knew his jutsu so Torune’s jutsu should be the main attack.  Torune removed his gloves and both started to attack Madara.

Both went right through Madara.  They realized that Madara only pretended to attack and they fell right through it.  Fu’s arms in the meantime, seemed paralyzed.  Torune’s attack went to Fu instead of Madara.  Madara then noticed that he can send nano-sized poisonous bugs to destroy an opponent’s chakras.  He said it’s like a virus.  Torune apologized and told Fu he’d fix it.  Madara said that it is a rare jutsu even within the Aburame clan and Aburame Shikuro has the antidote and concludes that Torune must be his son.  He congratulated Danzo for choosing his followers well and disappeared into the pillar again.

Torune told Fu not to let his guard down and asked him to try to sense where Madara will reappear.  He then removed his coat.

Madara reappeared behind Torune and absorbed him.  Madara then said that Torune infected his right arm.  With that, Madara cut off his arm and went to Fu to absorb him as well.

Back in the Land of Iron, Gaara and his company said their farewells.  Temari said they already said what they came to say and needs to go back to Suna and told Kakashi that they will act with the assumption that Kakashi is a Hokage and hoped there won’t be any miscommunication.

Gaara said his goodbye to Naruto and told him that he thinks of him as a friend.  (aww..)  He said that he used to think that “friend” was just another word, nothing more, nothing less.  But that when he met Naruto, he realized what was important was the word’s meaning.  He told Naruto to think about it’s meaning and about what he is trying to do for Sasuke.  With that, he and his companions left.

Yamato is about to talk to Naruto but Kakashi told him that they have to let Naruto figure out the answer himself.

Meanwhile, Madara is inside his space and time continuum.  We see Sasuke and Karin.  Sasuke demands Madara to let him out.  He answered that he will let him out and that he has a present waiting outside.

He brought Sasuke and Karin outside his dimension and Sasuke came face to face with Danzo.  Madara told Karin to stay out of it.  Danzo’s armor covering his arm is released revealing countless sharingans embedded in his arms.  He said it is just perfect and that he’ll take their sharingans.

He’s a monster.



  1. who died in the battle of danzo and sasuke?

    • Danzo. Sasuke wins.

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