Posted by: kitpotter | March 8, 2010

Chapter 476 – Sasuke vs Danzo

Madara watches as Sasuke and Danzo face off.  Sasuke asks Danzo where he got all his sharingans and Danzo replied that it’s a long story.

Sasuke that his answer only makes him angrier but he’s already made up his mind to kill him anyway.  He said that he would like to ask one thing first.  He asked Danzo if it was true that he and the other elders of Konoha ordered Uchiha Itachi to kill his family.

Danzo did not reply but made a hand seal (a combination of Rabbit, Boar and Ram)and attacked Sasuke.  When he hit Sasuke, it hit a skeleton – Susanoo.  Sasuke is unfazed and unmoved.  A giant hand grabbed Danzo.

Back in the Land of Iron, Yamato is asking Kakashi what they should do.  He said that their first priority is to head back to Konoha and inform them about what happened in the summit but he is also concerned about Sakura.  Sai said that he’ll be with her and would not let her near Sasuke.  Kakashi, however, said that they still ought to go after her and convince her to turn back.

He instructed Yamato to return to Konoha with Naruto while he goes after Sakura.  He said there is no way she could beat Sasuke and she’d just be going after her own death.  He said that he’ll send the dogs ahead with the news on the summit since they cannot waste any time and asked Sai to lead him to Sakura.

Naruto, meanwhile, seemed to be absorbing all the information he received about Sasuke.  From the Kumogakure’s team, Uchiha Madara’s words, Sakura’s  confession and true intentions and Gaara’s words.  Suddenly, he broke down and started hyperventilating.

Sasuke asked Danzo again if it was true about ordering Itachi to kill his family.  He’s become a lot angrier and the hand held Danzo tighter causing him to bleed from his mouth.

Danzo said he thought Itachi was a better man than that.  He asked if he spilled the truth as he was about to die and said that if that was the case, he really was special to Itachi.

Danzo said that Itachi wanted him to believe that Uchiha was a clan that Konohagakure could be proud of and begged the Hokage not to tell him the truth.  He said that since Itachi left the village, he planned to fight him and die by his hands.  He said that Itachi accepted dishonor in payment of honor, and hatred in payment of love.  Still, he died with a smile on his lips, entrusting Uchiha to him while deceiving him forever.

Danzo added that a ninja is defined by his self-sacrifice.  He said that true ninja scorns the sun and work in the shadows.  He said many ninjas died that way, not only Itachi.  He said that niceties will not make the world go round.  He said that it is thanks to people like that that they are able to maintain peace.  He said that Sasuke ignored Itachi’s will and he does not understand.  He said that Itachi betrayed Konoha by telling him his secret.  With that he crushed Danzo.

Sasuke said he must not speak to him of Itachi again.  Then, from behind him, Danzo reappeared and said he’s right, instead they should let their eyes speak for themselves.



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