Posted by: kitpotter | March 9, 2010

Chapter 477 – Do Not Speak to Me of Itachi

Just as Danzo appeared all of a sudden, he thrusts a kunai towards Sasuke but it is immediately blocked by Susanoo.  He said that it is just as he thought, Susanoo is the perfect shield.

Karin was perplexed.  She said that it should have killed him because she could only sense one source of chakra and so it would appear that it was not a kage bunshin.  She wondered if it was an illusion then.

Susanoo, in the meantime, crushed Danzo.  But then, Danzo reappeared immediately on top of the pillar just as his foot seemed to be crushed under the Susanoo.  He said that it’s not only a shield for defense but good for offense as well.

Karin is still trying to sense the chakras.  She noted that there’s no fluctuation in her and Sasuke’s chakras and therefore they are not caught in an illusion.  She wonders what kind of jutsu Danzo could be using then.

Again, Susanoo attacked Danzo.  Danzo evaded it but an Sasuke also threw an Amaterasu.  Madara noted that Sasuke will exhaust himself with both Susanoo and Amaterasu just to test his powers.

Danzo made a hand seal and blew air from his mouth and threw a Futon Shinkugyoku at Sasuke.  Sasuke then made a justsu Kuchiyose no Jutsu and an eagle came out.

Danzo said that he hasn’t seen Amaterasu in a while.  He said that Sasuke is indeed Itachi’s brother. Karin noticed, though, that one of the sahringan eyes on Danzo’s arms closed.

Sasuke said that he’s told Danzo not to speak to him about Itachi.  But Danzo continued to speak.  He said that Sasuke may have the same eyes as his brother  but he percieves things differently.  He said that he does not value Itachi’s truth, instead he throws his anger at anything and everything.  He said that he has wasted Uchiha clan’s sacrifice.

Sasuke attacked Danzo again while on the back of the eagle he summoned.  Danzo used a Futon Shinkuha hitting the eagle but Sasuke is already right in front of him.  Danzo tried to stangle Sasuke but Sasuke hit him with his sword and cut his left arm with the Sharingan eyes.  Karin noted some eyes closing.

Then, from another position, Danzo reappeared unhurt and unfazed, his arms still attached to his body.  He said it is no use.

Then, black crows appeared and we see Uchicha Itachi right behind Danzo.


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