Posted by: kitpotter | March 9, 2010

Chapter 478 – Susanoo Final Version

Danzo was surprised with coming face to face with Itachi.  Itachi shouted for Danzo to die and Danzo was immediately covered by Amaterasu.

However, Danzo didn’t even move a muscle but standing still in the midst of the black fire.  He congratulated Sasuke on casting an illusion on him.  Sasuke, in the meantime, is right behind him ready to thrust his sword at Danzo.

Danzo said but, and Sasuke’s sword is inches away.  Karin shouted it is his chance and asked why he stopped.  Sasuke, apparently is frozen in his place.

Danzo said that his illusion is nothing compared to Itachi’s Tsukiyomi which could control the length of the illusion.  Madara noticed that Sasuke is under a binding jutsu.  Karin tried to attack Danzo but he just kicked her away.  Madara noted that he used a physical attack on Karin and realized that Danzo may be conserving his chakras for something.

Danzo said that if Sasuke knows the truth about Itachi, then the Akatsuki must know as well and that there is no use hiding the truth.  He asks Itachi’s memory why he felt the need for Sasuke, which he thinks is trash, to survive. He said that Sasuke is trash and Itachi’s only mistake.

He said that the only person Itachi could not kill is his little brother.  He said the man who cried tears while he smothered his emotions and killed his brethren could not bring himself to kill Sasuke and wonders why that is.  He said that for Itachi, he weighed more than the village.

Susanoo reappeared and threw Danzo away from Sasuke.  Karin noticed how this Susanoo is much different than before and how his chakras seemed like he is no longer Sasuke.  Madara noted that Sasuke’s hatred has grown, giving him power and his body responded to it.  He said he did not think Sasuke would not be able to break the curse.

Susanoo then launches an arrow towards Danzo.  Danzo said there’s no time to evade and leaves him with no choice.  The tip of the arrow touched his arm but he was able to alter it’s course.

Madara said it’s a Mokuton and realized that is why a non-Uchiha was able to control so many sharingans.  He said that Danzo must have kept contact with Orochimaru.

Karin, on the other hand, noticed Danzo’s chakras plummeted after deflecting the Susanoo attack and wondered why he had to deflect it if he could not die.

A nearby tree’s roots then set in itself on Danzo and Madara realized that he must have implanted the Shodai Hokage’s cells in his body. Karin realized that Danzo can die afterall and told Sasuke he is the real Danzo and he could kill him now.

Danzo immediately made hand seals while Sasuke launched another arrow from Susanoo towards him.  The arrow hit Danzo and went right through his whole body.

Karin said that Danzo made some sort of justu which changed his chakras a little but she was probably too late.

Danzo, of course, reappeared unhurt.  Karin noted that after that jutsu that Danzo performed, he is back to how he was but the third eye is still closed.

Madara said it is as if there are ten sharingans and the shodai’s cells.  He said it is the powers of both Uchiha and Hashirama and with them, Danzo can control the Kyuubi and realized that Danzo is after Naruto as well.

Karin noticed how his chakra plummeted again and finally realized that this is risky for him.  She realized that he is preserving his chakras by cancelling the jutsu.

Madara also noticed and said that Danzo is using the Dojutsu forbidden even among the Uchiha – Izanagi.


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