Posted by: kitpotter | March 11, 2010

Chapter 479 – Izanagi

Sasuke is about to throw another arrow towards Danzo. Danzo met it halfway, piercing him again.  Madara noted this is the power of Izanagi.

Madara said the Izanagi can make anything a dream, even injury or death, for a brief moment. It can also make the user’s attack a reality.

Danzo now used a Futon Shinku Daigyoku towards Sasuke’s Susanoo.

Madara, meanwhile, added that Izanagi can also control the space between reality and illusion and the most powerful genjutsu anyone can cast on themselves.  He said that once the eyes used to cast Izanagi lose their light, they will no longer open again.

Indeed, some of Danzo’s sharingan eyes closed.  However, Madara also noted that the number of eyes and the results of Izanagi vary from person to person.  He figured that this must have been one of Orochimaru’s experiments to extend their use.

Danzo is thinking of his next move.  He thinks that Madara is not going to join the fight so he figured that he should reserve some strength to fight him later.  (Assuming!) He said it will take some time before he could use his right eye again.  He noted it will be difficult to fight and dodge the Susanoo’s arrows but he cannot stop Izanagi and he has five eyes left.

Danzo then summoned a tapir.  It blew a wind towards Susanoo.  Madara noted that this summon is a nightmare-eating summon and expected no less from Danzo.

The wind he threw has stopped the Susanoo from moving and with that, Danzo said he’d be able to use the tapir’s sunction to increase his strength.  With that, he used a Futon Shinkurenpa which created a blade-like wind crashing on Susanoo.  Then he appeared right behind Sasuke.

With that, Sasuke cast a Katon Gokakyu no jutsu which threw a great ball of fire towards the tapir’s mouth where the wind is coming then Susanoo immediately smashed Danzo.

Karin, in the meantime, timed the attack and noticed the eye closing after sixty seconds.  She realized that Danzo’s left arm shows him how long he could use the jutsu.  With that, she knew there are four eyes left leaving him four minutes tops.  She realized that if she got the jutsu system correctly, Danzo’s attacks work while Sasuke’s don’t.  She noted Danzo must be desperate to defeat Sasuke while the justu is still working.  She added that if they knock each other out, it will be Danzo’s victory still.  She immediately shouted her observations to Sasuke but Sasuke is already speaking with Danzo.

Sasuke said that it seemed that his jutsu will end once all the eyes closed.  Danzo was surprised that he knew all about Izanagi.  Sasuke shouted he was right.  Danzo realized he was tricked.

Karin asked why he told Danzo and anyway, he would just have to outlast him.  Madara, on the other hand, analyzed differently.  He said it would be meaningless because Danzo can just end Izanagi.  He noted Sasuke is forcing him to keep using Izanagi, and in order to try and shorten the length of time he can use it, Sasuke is coming at Danzo with the strongest, fastest Susanoo he can muster.  He said that Sasuke must have realized it is a matter of who runs out of energy first.

And so Danzo and Sasuke kept attacking until only one eye is left open in Danzo’s arms.  With that, they both strike each other.



  1. I love naruto comic

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