Posted by: kitpotter | March 11, 2010

Chapter 480 – Sacrifice

Sasuke and Danzo pierced each other.  Blood gushes out of Danzo’s last remaining eye.  Looking at the eye, Danzo said Sasuke was too soon and he should go and join Itachi and listen to Itachi lecture him.  He said he wins.

Then, fear and surprised struck Danzo.  He looked at the sword piercing him and asked why Izanagi isn’t working.  He looked at his arm again and saw the eye is closed.  Sasuke said he is the one to join Itachi.

Madara noted about Danzo’s comment earlier about Sasuke’s genjutsu not a match to Itachi’s Tsukiyomi.  He said it is a weak genjutsu that does not last long but the trick would be knowing when to use it.  Madara observed that the last sharingan must have closed not long before they stabbed each other .  He said that from an observer’s point of view Sasuke is better being an Uchiha with the Mangekyo Sharingan.  Sasuke cast a genjutsu before Danzo noticed and made it appear as if the last sharingan is still open.  Since Danzo cannot tell how long Izanagi is going to last, he keeps double checking his eyes on his arms and Sasuke did not fail to notice that.  He said Sasuke knew he had to use genjutsu on him even if it was only long enough to make him think there was still time left on Izanagi and Sasuke is not the sort of person to fail to take advantage of that.

Madara said to Danzo that  because he managed to get his hands on some sharingans, he underestimated a sharingan user in a fight and that is his downfall.  Sasuke said this is a battle of the eyes and he should not mess with the Uchiha.

Madara is now thinking of getting Shisui’s eyes from Danzo.  Karin, on the other hand, asked Sasuke to bite her to regain his chakra.

Danzo, even in the brink of death, said he cannot be beaten just yet.  The tree nearby, is about to swallow Danzo and he realized that at this rate, the Shodai’s cells will swallow him whole.

Madara noted he must be too close to death not to be able to fully control his chakras and said it must not be that easy to control Hashirama’s powers.

Danzo said he is not done yet.  He removed the eye cover on his right eye revealing Uchiha Shisui’s sharingan.  He said that battle of the eyes is just beginning.  Sasuke immediately attacked with a chidori but Danzo evaded and held Karin in the neck.

Madara noted he used Shisui’s Doryoku and it seemed Danzo could not decide whether Danzo wanted to use it as a genjutsu or throw it away like Izanagi.

Danzo said Sasuke has used his eyes too much, it is useless now.  He said that he ought to use Shisui’s genjutsu on Madara as he cannot afford to lose time since his wounds are deep.

Sasuke replied that he cannot believe Danzo would take a hostage after his talk on self-sacrifice.  Danzo said he is not worried for his own life.  He said this is for Konoha and the ninja world.  He said he cannot die now because he will be the one to change the world.  (So a monster, a coward, assuming, and now a schizophrenic!)  He said that Karin would be sacrificed for that.  Karin shouted for Sasuke’s help.

Without a Soul

Sasuke told Karin not to move.  Then, he plunged a chidori sword towards Danzo’s heart, right through Karin.  With a smile, he said, “Brother, that’s one down…”

Cold.  Freezing cold.


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