Posted by: kitpotter | March 11, 2010

Chapter 482 – Once More…

Naruto finally wakes up.  Yamato is right beside him looking out for him.  He asked Yamato what happened and Yamato told him that he fainted.  He then asked after Kakashi and Sai.

Meanwhile, Madara told Sasuke is he taking Danzo’s eye and that he should head back to the base and rest.  He said that Sasuke overused his powers and will not be able to bluff it much longer.  He said that the light is almost gone from his eyes and he can’t go to Konoha alone by himself.  He said he has to have patience if he wants to achieve his goal.

Yamato, on the other hand, told Naruto that Kakashi’s orders are for them to return to the village.  Naruto stood up and took his hip pouch lying in the corner and Yamato immediately used a wood jutsu to hold Naruto.  He said that Kakashi is going to take care of Sakura. Naruto answered he knows that and said that he will go back to Konoha after he rests a little bit more.

Sai is trying to restrain Sakura, Kiba and Lee and using his jutsu released some snakes.  Lee said his snakes cannot stop them.  Kiba, on the other hand, said that he understands what Kakashi meant but they cannot let Sasuke keep on getting away.  Akamaru then made a sound that seemed fearful  and Sai commented that his dog seemed smarter than he is.

Sakura and Lee launched an attack while Sai is restraining Kiba.  Lee is about to jump to Sai when three sleeping gas bombs  exploded on their feet.

Sakura was hiding behind the trees and went her way.  Sai realized she ditched Kiba and Lee as well.  The clone with Kakashi reported what happened and turned into ink.

Madara, on the other hand, brought Danzo’s body into his dimension and advised Sasuke that if he does not have further use of Karin, he better kill her as she knows too much about them.  Sasuke asked when did they become allies but Madara disappeared saying until they meet again, disregarding Sasuke’s remark.

Karin had a flashback during the Chuunin exams in Konoha where she first saw Sasuke.  He remembered he saved her from a giant boar and smiled at her before he left when he realized she has the scroll of the earth as well.  She said she just wanted to see that face once more.

Back in Madara’s lab, he realized Danzo crushed his eyes before he died, thus unable to get hold of Shisui’s eyes.

Back in the Land of Iron, Yamato was awakened realizing he fell asleep.  He asked Naruto if he’s ready because they need to get going but Naruto replied under the sheets that he does not feel like going out yet and to give him a little more time.  However, right below the covers, Naruto is making a hole.

Naruto escaped and tracked Kakashi’s chakras.

Sasuke is about to hit Karin with a chidori when Sakura appeared.  Sakura noted how different he is.  Sasuke asked what she wanted from him.  Sakura replied that she wants to follow him and leave Konoha behind.

Hmmm… she’s not a very good liar.  Hahaha!  Ain’t convincing enough.


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