Posted by: kitpotter | March 11, 2010

Chapter 483 – Master and Student Reunited

Kakashi finally reaches Kiba, Sai and Lee.  He wakes Kiba up and asked where Sakura is.  Kakashi knew she went after Sasuke and asked Kiba which direction she went.  Kiba, half-awake, gave the direction and drifted back to sleep.  Kakashi noted that Tsunade must have taught Sakura how to make a strong sleeping potion and figured they will not wake up for a while.  He hid them behind the trees and went after Sakura.

Sasuke said that Sakura will not gain anything by following him and asked what she is plotting.  Sakura said she is not plotting anything but that she had always regretted not going with him when he left Konoha.

Karin, still conscious, noted she’s an old friend who also loves Sasuke.

Sakura said that she would do anything he wants her to do so she will no longer have any regrets.  Sasuke asked if she knew what he wants but Sakura said she does not care and do whatever he says.  Sasuke said that he wants to destroy Konoha and if she is willing to betray Konoha for him.  She said yes and Sasuke asked for proof.  He wants her to kill Karin as proof.

Sakura asked who she is.  Sasuke said she is one of the members of his team, Taka and she is of no use now.  He added that since Sakura is a healer, she will make a good replacement.  Sakura walked towards Karin and noted how changed Sasuke had become.  Sasuke asked if she could not do it as he saw her hesitance.

Sakura, on the other hand, is thinking how Karin had nothing to do with them.  She is thinking that if she kills Sasuke now, everything would be over.  Just then, Karin asked Sasuke to stop.

He was right behind Sakura with a chidori.  Just as Sakura looked behind, Sasuke is about to hit her.  Kakashi arrived just in time to put her out of harm’s way.  Kakashi blocked Sasuke’s chidori and told him that he’s fallen.

Sasuke tried to hit Kakashi’s legs but he jumped in time and kicked Sasuke away and placed a good distance between them.

Kakashi asked Sakura if she meant to kill him on her own.  He said there is no need for her to take that burden on herself.  He said that as the leader of Team 7, it was his fault.  He said he said some things he should not have in order to try and reassure her.  He said maybe he was trying to reassure himself and apologized that he hadn’t been a very good teacher.

He then addressed Sasuke and told him that he doesn’t like saying things over and over again but he will tell him one last time that he should not let himself be consumed by revenge.

Sasuke laughed.  Scary monster laugh. He said that he will stop only if they can bring Itachi, his parents and his clan back.

Kakashi said that he doesn’t want to kill him.  Sasuke replied that he says it like he actually could.  He told Kakashi not to act as if he is still his student and added that he had been dying to kill him.

Kakashi instructed Sakura to heal Karin until she is able to talk.  He said she knows a lot about the enemy.  He asked her to take Karin with her and get out of there.  He said that he will take the burden from her and it is his duty.

Kakashi said that no matter how far Orochimaru fell, the Sandaime Hokage still loved him and now he knows exactly how the Sandaime Hokage felt.  Sasuke replied that his fate will then be the same as his.



  1. I feel so sorry for Sakura..I want the old Sasuke back..Good site btw!! 😀

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