Posted by: kitpotter | March 11, 2010

Chapter 484 – Their Team 7

Sakura is healing Karin behind one of the pillars.  Karin wanted to speak but Sakura told her not to talk yet.  In Karin’s mind, she is the enemy and she does not want to sympathize with her so she should not cry in front of her.  That’s when Sakura’s face is zoomed in and she’s crying.  Karin herself is in tears.

Meanwhile, Sasuke says that the Sharingan is the sign of the Uchiha clan and Kakashi is not even of the Uchiha so he should not use his sharingan around him.

Naruto, still on tha trail and now in Sennin mode, remembers his conversation with Itachi.  He remembered Itachi asking him what he would do if Sasuke attacks Konoha.  He remembered answering him that he will protect Konoha without killing Sasuke.  Itachi told him he is such a child and that there are times when a ninja is faced with difficult choices.  He then remembered the words left by Gaara and the Raikage.  He said then resumes his tracking and told himself that he will be able to find the answer once he sees him.

Sasuke, on the other hand, unleashed his Susanoo once again and threw an arrow towards Kakashi.  There was an explosion but Kakashi is still standing.  He noted that Sasuke’s fast and that it would have gotten him if he did not blow it away with his Mangekyo Sharingan.

Sasuke said that he never imagined that a non-Uchiha would be able to use the Mangekyo and that he should be grateful to the eye that saved him.  Kakashi said that he knows there is more to him than just his clan and hatred and that he should look deep inside his heart.  Sasuke said he’s still spouting that nonsense but Kakakshi said he knows that Sasuke knows.

Sasuke had a picture of Naruto and their friends on his mind and said that they are all laughing.  He shouted that Itachi is dead so they can stand there laughing and they’re laughing now because they know nothing.  His Susanoo seemed to changed into a more sinister image.

Sasuke said that their laughter sounds like scorn and disdain to him now and he wants to change that into screams and moans.

Kakashi realized how dangerous Sasuke has become.  Karin told Sakura that he is no longer the Sasuke she once knew.

Then, the Susanoo reduced in size and power all of a sudden and Sasuke felt the pain in his eyes.  Suddenly, Kakashi looked burry.

After healing Karin, Sakura went back to the fight.  While Sasuke is wondering about his vision, Sakura appeared right on top of Sasuke above the pillars.  Kakashi saw her and asked what she’s doing.  Sakura, in her mind, says she cannot let Kakashi bear this burden.  She remembered asking her friends that she will be the one to tell Naruto.  Then she has a flashback to when they were kids and back when they were once Team 7.  And then her resolve to kill Sasuke herself.

Her kunai was almost touching Sasuke but she should not bring herself to do it.  Sasuke then realized she’s behind him and strangled her neck.  He grabbed her kunai.  Kakashi rushed to her but his reflex was slowed down by the Mangekyo.  He could only shout stop at Sasuke.

Just as Sasuke is about to stab Sakura, Naruto appeared and took her away from harm’s way.

That’s the second time in a row, Sakura!



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