Posted by: kitpotter | March 11, 2010

Chapter 485 – So Close, And Yet So Far

Sasuke and Naruto finally meet again.  Their eyes finally meet once more.  Kakashi immediately punched Sasuke and drops Sakura’s kunai.  Kakashi said Naruto’s timing is better than his.  He said he did not expect him but he saved Sakura.  Sakura thanked him.

Naruto then faced Sasuke and said that he and Sakura are both members of Team 7.  Sasuke replied former member, at least in his case.  Kakashi told Naruto that he is not the Sasuke he once knew.

But Naruto could not be deterred.  He told Sasuke that he knew the truth about Itachi from Tobi.  He said he doesn’t know if that is true or not but either way, he understands what he is doing.

Sasuke said that he already told him he would never understand since he never had parents or siblings.  He told Naruto to shut up because it is none of his business.

Sakura was angered by this and said that he does not know how Naruto felt about him, no matter what rumors he heard, he’s considered him his friend even now.

Sasuke said he had finally gotten his first bit of revenge for Itachi.  He told them that he killed Danzo.  He said he never felt anything like it, it is like the disgrace of the Uchiha clan being cleansed.  He said it was like separating the Uchiha clan from the rotten ninja world.  He said they can even say it was what Konoha always wanted  because they always repudiated his clan so now they will disappear from Konoha’s  memories forever when he kills everyone in Konoha.   He said that by severing the bond, they will be purified and that will be the true revival of the Uchiha clan.

Kakashi is thinking how hatred’s accumulation throughout history made Sasuke what he is and that even if Naruto and Sakura does not realize it, they can feel it.

Naruto made a hand seal but Kakashi said it is his job and that the two of them should get out of there.  Sakura wanted to protest but Kakashi said that if they stay any longer, they will see something they do not want to witness and told them to get out while they can.  He said that Sasuke will not die from Sakura’s poisoned kunai as Orochimaru already made him resistant to it.

Naruto asked if he meant to kill Sasuke but he did not answer and told them to go.  However, one of Naruto’s clones restrained him and Naruto attacked with his Rasengan.

Sasuke also attacked using his chidori.  He said Naruto’s open and he will not show any mercy.

And so, once again, we witness Rasengan clash with Chidori.  With bigger impact. I can’t wait to watch this on anime!

As they are about to clash, Naruto is thinking that he and Sasuke may be opposites.  White light covered them both and we find Naruto telling Sasuke that everyone in the village used to hate him because of the kyuubi inside him.  He said that he used to hate them all as well and there were times that he also wanted revenge.  He said that one misstep and he could have come to the same horrible conclusion as Sasuke did and thought he had no connections until he met Iruka and Sasuke.  He told Sasuke that he knew he was always alone and that he was relieved there was someone else like him and he wanted to talk to him.  He said he was happy.  But he didn’t because he was jealous of him because he could do anything so he has decided that Sasuke would be his rival.  He said he wanted to be like him.  He said he finally had a connection.  He said that as they fulfilled their duties as Team 7, he was always chasing after him, wanting to be as strong and as cool like him.  He said he was glad to have met Sasuke.

Sasuke answered that nothing he says can change his mind now and that he is going to kill him and everyone in the village and that his only choices are to kill him and be the hero that protects the village or a loser that he is going to kill.

Naruto said that he will neither be the loser nor the hero.



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