Posted by: kitpotter | March 11, 2010

Chapter 486 – Fists

The Rasengan and the Chidori clashed and it is definitely much bigger in power than before.  The impact caused both Naruto and Sasuke to be thrown away by the impact on opposite directions.  It also threw Kakashi and Sakura away.  Kakashi was able to catch Naruto while Zetsu cushioned Sasuke before he collided with the wall behind him.

Sasuke asked Zetsu when did he arrive and he said that he had been watching his back for awhile.  He said Tobi ordered him to hang around and keep his presence hidden from him.  He told Sasuke that they are in trouble no matter how he slice it.  He resolved to call Madara in case they are not able to get out of there.

Kakashi then spoke to Naruto about him telling him to get out of there.  Naruto ignored him and simply said that he is now certain.

Meanwhile, Madara is preparing for war saying it is a good chance now to take out the Rinnegan.  For some reason, his face is still not shown.  His mask is removed but only his back is shown.  He looked young… much younger than Danzo even.  However, Zetsu appeared and reported that Sasuke is in trouble.

Kakashi now asks what Naruto is certain about.  He received no reply.  Sasuke and Naruto merely stared at each other.

Madara appeared and told Sasuke that he instructed him to return to the base and rest.  He sees Naruto and referred to him as the nine tails.  He said that when they do fight, it’ll be in a more suitable place but for now, they should retreat.  Zetsu said he’ll handle them since they need to capture the nine tailed beast sometime.  But Madara said that he doesn’t think he would be able to capture Naruto as he is not really a front-line fighter and the nine-tails can be too much.  He said that they will leave that to Sasuke and it would be entertaining to watch.  He added that he is also worried about Kisame and asked him to check on him and meet with his black half on the way.

Naruto walked towards Sasuke and Kakashi is about to tell him to stop but he said that he would just like to talk to Sasuke.  Madara is also telling Sasuke that they should leave but he said wait.

Naruto asked Sasuke if he remembered what he told him back in the Valley of the End about top-class ninjas.  He remembered Sasuke telling him that when two top-class ninjas battle, they can instantly read each others mind the moment their fists meet.  Naruto remembered Sasuke asking if he was able to see what was in his heart and how he really felt at the time.  Naruto said that one direct clash later, he understood a lot more.  He said both of them have become top-class ninjas.  He asked Sasuke to tell him if Sasuke knows what is in his heart and how he really feel.  He asked if Sasuke could see what will happen if they fight again.

Naruto said that they are both going to die to the surprise of all parties present.  Naruto said that their battle will be inevitable if Sasuke does attack Konoha.  He told him to keep his hatred, let it fester and hit him with it with full force.  Naruto said he is the only one who can bear the full brunt of his hate and it will be his job and no one else’s.  He said that he will bear the burden of his hatred and they will die together.

Sasuke asked him why he cares so much about him.  Naruto said that is because he is Sasuke’s friend.  He added that they will never be able to understand one another through words alone and he knew that the moment he met him.  He said the only way they can communicate properly is with their fists.

Naruto said he has not given up yet.  He said that if they really do take this all the way to the end and they both die, they would not be Uchicha, Jinchuurikis, or anything.  He said there will no longer be any burdens to bear and maybe they will be able to understand each other in the next world.

Sasuke said that he will never change and that he does not want them to understand one another.  He said he is not going to die, but he is.

Kakashi told Naruto that that is enough.  He said he will handle Sasuke and that he has yet to fulfill his dreams of becoming Hokage.  He said he should not let Sasuke drag him down.

Naruto said he cannot call himself a Hokage if he cannot even save one friend.  He declared that the only person Sasuke is fighting is him.


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