Posted by: kitpotter | March 18, 2010

Chapter 487 – The Battle Begins

Sasuke smiled amusedly at Naruto’s declaration.  He said he can have it his way but he will kill Naruto first.  Naruto replied that Sasuke still haven’t considered him as an equal.

Sakura, on the other hand, realizes that Naruto’s resolve is nothing compared to hers and all she ever did was to lean on him and cry.  She realized she was not ready afterall and the only thing remaining for her to do is to believe on both of them.

Kakashi stepped out.  He told Naruto that Sasuke is his.  He asked Sakura as well to take care of his body.  He said that he is taking Madara out.  Madara answered that Kakashi should not bother because his technique will not work on him.

He then took his leave and told Sasuke that they are going.  Before they disappeared in front of Team Kakashi, Sasuke told Madara that they need to talk.

Naruto watched as they disappeared and said that he’s ready when Sasuke is.

In Akatsuki’s headquarters, Madara asked Sasuke what is on his mind.  Sasuke said that he wants Itachi’s eyes.  Madara was happy and told him he knew he’d warm to the idea eventually.  He told him that he was too quick to bring out Susanoo and that he could tell that his visions are getting blurry.  Sasuke said he want them transplanted as soon as possible. Madara asked him why he changed his mind suddenly.  Sasuke answered that he wants to destroy Naruto with his full powers, that it is the only way to reject everything that Naruto stands for, nothing more and nothing less.

Sakura thanks Naruto for saving her life.  She is thinking that there can still be a happy ending for Team 7 when Naruto suddenly collapses, foam coming from inside his mouth.  Kakashi said it’s the cut on Naruto’s cheek and asked Sakura for the antidote.  It’s just then that Sakura realized that Sasuke used the kunai she poisoned.  (Duh?) She administered the antidote and Naruto said he still feels like dying.

Kakashi carried Karin on his back and told her that he is taking her to Konoha and that he should not try to do anything.  Karin asked why she should bother with that now and looks at Naruto.

In Kumogakure, the Raikage and the Killerbee were welcomed back by the whole village.  Bee greeted Omoi, Karui and Samui.  Omoi said they have been worried sick and Karui said the important thing is that he is safe.  Omoi asked what was the thing Killerbee is carrying behind his back.  Bee said that is was a souvenir from one of the seven swordsman of the mist and could not get enough of him and would not leave his side.  He said he figured he’ll start using it as his new weapon.

On the other hand, the black Zetsu is holding Kisame’s head.  White Zetsu appeared and asked if he recorded the fight and asked after Samehada.  Kisame’s head replied that the Hachibi walked off with it.  There is now a closeup of Samehada and his mouth.  Inside, there is something hidden.  It is Kisame and he is saying that he’s pulled it off.

A flashback shows Madara’s instructions for Kisame to infiltrate Kumogakure.  Madara was explaining that once he declares war, they will keep a tight leash on the Hachibi and once they do, they will have to hunt him slowly and carefully.  He told Kisame to use Zetsu to sneak in because he can make perfect duplicates of anyone he’s ever touched, right down to his chakras.  He said it will be too weak for battle so use it as a diversion.

Kisame noted that it was a good thing that the Samehada took a liking to the Hachibi although he never imagined it to go as far as to give him chakra.  He said it did make sneaking in much easier.

Zetsu said that the sensor type ninja with them did not even notice anything.  Black Zetsu explained that the Kumogakure ninjas must have thought that Samehada and Kisame must have the same chakra because Sasmehada absorbed his chakra and turn it into energy.

The White Zetsu said it’s a stealth mission he could have done.  The Black Zetsu replied that he is too weak and that he’s played his part perfectly.  He added it was not easy switching places with Kisame underwater.  He then went to release his shapeshifting technique and what was once a body of a beheaded Kisame is a plain white Zetsu clone.  And what was once Kisame’s head held by Black Zetsu turned into one of Zetsu’s as well.

Black Zetsu it is feeding time for them as well and they should now re-emerge.

Meanwhile, in an undisclosed location, three ninjas wearing headgears with the symbol of Takigakure are on the run.  Snakes appeared out of nowhere and strangled the three of them. A man in a cloak said he’s getting used to these powers.  When it’s finally revealed to be Kabuto.  He said that it is now time he got things moving.

Hmm… could there be a revival of Orochimaru?


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