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Chapter 488 – Returning to their Own Villages

The chapter begins with the Daimyos meeting — similar to a conference call.  They already know that the Akatsuki has the Bijuus but the Mizu Daimyo is worried about the shinobi alliance gaining too much power.

However, all the other Daimyos — Kaminari, Tsuchi,Kaze, Hi — all approved which left Mizu to agree with the shinobi alliance.

Tenga, the witness recorded the conference call and stated the agreement.  The Hi Daimyo afterwards instructed that the information be delivered to Konoha immediately.

Meanwhile, Naruto, Sakura and Kakashi who is carrying Karin on his back went back to where Kakashi left Sai, Lee and Kiba.

Naruto commented that they were all just there sleeping while Sakura was in danger. Sakura smiled guiltily.  Kakashi told her that they were just trying to help and instructed her to wake them up and apologize.

When it looked like that Naruto is about to wake them, he instead fell right beside them.  Sakura shouted that he is going to sleep as well but Naruto said he does not feel good yet.Karin reminded her that it was her fault that Naruto was in this condition in the first place.

Kakashi then noticed how peaceful Naruto is sleeping and noted that it seemed like a load was taken off his shoulders.

In Sunagakure, Gaara and his companions has arrived back from the summit.  Temari asked those who welcomed them back if they have already received Tobimaru’s letter.  Kankuro immediately asked what the news was from the Daimyos.

At the Tsuchigumo and Kirigakure Villages where the Mizukage and Tsuchikage has just arrived as well, were immediately informed about the news from the Daimyos.

Back to Naruto’s group, everyone is finally awake and on their way back to Konoha.  Kiba, however, is still mad with what happened.  He was complaining to Sakura that he found Sasuke for her and they’re the only ones who got to have fun.  He added that Sai told Naruto everything and Sasuke ended up getting away.

With that Naruto asked him to stop bitching and be a man.  Kiba retaliated that he was the one always bitching around.  Sai agreed with Kiba, laughing that for a simple minded and dumb person like Naruto, he does tend to overthink things.  Naruto told him sarcastically that he’s laughing a lot recently. When Sai said thank you Naruto said it was not a compliment.  This made Lee laugh and commented that he’s the old Naruto they knew.  Kiba added that he hasn’t changed a bit.

Meanwhile, Karin was looking at Naruto’s back.  She was noticing how Naruto is the exact opposite of Sasuke and that his chakras are so bright and warm only to be taken aback.  She then noticed that there is another chakra deep inside and it’s dark.

Suddenly, three Root ANBU appeared and asked Sai to tell them what is going on. Sai answered that they must already have an idea why Danzo’s curse that bounds them is no longer in effect.  One of the Root asked if he is already dead.  Sai answered yes that now that he is they must discuss what will happen to the Root Division with the new Hokage, Hatake Kakashi.  The three were left speechless.

In Konoha, Shizune is leaning towards Tsunade looking for signs of life.  Iashi and Shikaku Nara asked what is going on.

Naruto, on the other hand, is speaking with the rest of his friends and apparently told them what has happened.  Tenten asked him if he thinks that they will go along with him fighting Sasuje on his own.  They told him that it’s selfishness and it is the whole village’s problem.  Kiba said that he thought he would explain and that is what they would get from him.  He added that they were prepared to kill Sasuke.

Shikamaru then asked Naruto if he is saying that in order to protect Sasuke. Naruto answered that he is not protecting him.  Neji noted that Sasuke was weak after the Five Kage Summit and his fight with Danzo and thus Naruto should have just finished him.

Sakura defended Naruto that Madara was there as well and it was not that easy.  Kiba retorted that he should not have just let him get away.  He told him that he was strong, the hero who defeated Pain and therefore, Sasuke should have been no problem.

Naruto said that was not true.  He said she would not have been able to defeat Sasuke.

Choji asked what he meant.  But Naruto diverted the answer saying he is the only one who can fight Sasuke.  Neji asked him what really happened and Naruto replied that he will tell them when the time comes.

Sakura looked concerned remembering Naruto’s words to Sasuke that when they fight, both of them will die.

Naruto, on the other hand said he’s hungry and will head over to Ichiraku.  Everyone looked concerned as Naruto walked away.

Kakashi, on the other hand, reported back to the elders.  Koharu Utatane said that they will hold a meeting to determine the new Hokage immediately.  Homura Mitokado said that they cannot proceed with an alliance without a Hokage.  Koharu said that they will nominate Kakashi since he was recommended by Suna as well.  Kakashi replied that he is prepared for the job.

At the meeting when Kakashi was just about to be named Hokage, Shikaku interrupted the meeting.  Shizune, crying, announced that Tsunade has recovered and has come out of coma.


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