Posted by: kitpotter | June 15, 2010

Chapter 489 – On the Brink of World War

In Myouboku Mountain, Gerotora is explaining to the Great Toad Sage that Jiraiya instucted him to “store himself with Naruto” before he died.  He is asking the Great Elder if that is what he should do.  He further went on to say that Jiraiya tried to teach Naruto how to gain control of the Kyuubi but he failed.  He said that Jiraiya never said anything like “Minato intended for this to happen when he sealed half of the Kyuubi’s chakra into Naruto.”

Fukasaku explained to the Great Elder that Gerotora is the key to the Four-Elephant seal in Naruto.  He added that it should be alright if they give him to Naruto.

The Great Elder instead asked them to bring Naruto in Myouboku and he will foretell his future.

In the Intel Division in Konoha, Karin tells her story.  She said that Orochimaru forced her to do horrible work and then Sasuke took over and forced her, “a weak, defenseless girl,” to follow his orders then threw her away like a piece of trash.  She cried out that she was just a victim like everyone else.  Ibiki Morino’s companion said that she’s endured so much.

However, Ibiki Morino could not be fooled.  He said that he did not ask her for her life story but information on Sasuke and Kabuto.  He also berated his ANBU colleague that he should know better than to fall for sap stories.

Karin, clearly busted, stopped crying and said she’ll talk but she has conditions.  The first one, being hungry and she wants food.

Meanwhile, Tsunade is eating like there is no tomorrow and told Shizune to keep the food coming.  She said that her chakra still hasn’t recovered and she needs more food or her technique will wear off and she will turn into an old hag again.  Shizune answered that there is no single crumb left in the Hokage’s office but there will be more coming and therefore she should take a break.  When Tsunade looked at her pig, she said she can’t eat him.

Just then, Kakashi appeared and said he was glad she has recovered.  He said that he was about one second away from becoming the sixth Hokage and that he doesn’t think he is suited for the position.  He added that in situations like these, her presence will be a lot more effective.

Tsunade said that she was surprised about the joint forces and could not believe the Raikage and the Tsuchikage agreeing to cooperate.  She asked them if Uchiha Madara is indeed alive.  Kakashi said that he does not have a solid proof but considering his plan, he doubts it could be anyone else’s.

Tsunade said that Uchiha’s fate torments them all and immediately called for a planning session as soon as she is finished to prepare for a war.

Sakura, on the other hand, went to Ichiraku’s to inform Naruto that Tsunade is awake.  Teuchi is also glad of the news and he said that to celebrate, the food is on the house.

Sakura said she can’t eat though since there are a lot of people she still need to inform and went her way.  Naruto, on the other hand, said that since he’s on a better mood, will eat like a horse.

The war planning session has started as well.  Koharu Utatane said that they should immediately start gathering weapons and rations immediately.  She said 20% each to the battle and support squads.  She added that platoon breakdowns should be decided quickly and asked them to bring a list of every battle-ready ninja.

Shikamaru comments to his father that the war is really happening.  Shikaku said that he is still young even if they did call him here and that he should pay attention.

At Itchiraku, Teuchi served Naruto’s favorite ramen.  Just as he was about to swallow his food, he immediately disappeared in front of Teuchi.

Naruto, unaware he was transported to Myouboku, finally swallowed his food when he noticed it is not the ramen he is supposed to eat.  Shima said he finally got a taste of her worm soup.  Naruto immediately threw up the worms.

He asked them what he was doing there.  Fukasaku said he reversed summoned him because the Great Elder wants to speak with him to tell him his future.

Fukasaku presented him to the Great Toad Sage who at first could not seem to remember his name.  He then told Naruto that he has seen his future.  He said that Naruto will meet an octupus.  When Naruto confirmed if he’s heard him right, the Great Toad Sage the vision may be cloudy but it is definitely octopus tentacles.  He added that after that, he will battle a young man with great power in his eyes.  With that, Naruto became sharp.  He said he knows that already.  The Great Toad Sage asked if he had seen it.  Naruto said yes.  The Great Toad Sage went on to ask if he knew what this person with such power in his eyes is.  Naruto said yes and that he is prepared for everything that is going to happen.  (I am really curious what Naruto saw inside Sasuke.)

The Great Toad Sage then spoke with Gerotora and told him that he had foreseen his transfer to Naruto as well and told him to give Naruto the key to the Fourth’s Seal.

Gerotora then presented Naruto the seal.  Naruto asked what it is.  He explained that this is the key to opening and closing the Fourth Hokage’s seal and with it, he could release the Kyuubi completely if he wanted.

He told Naruto to put his hands on the square on the seal.  He added that this is also his ticket to perfecting “that” jutsu.  (Whatever that jutsu is, I’m excited to know.)

However, in an undisclosed location, Anko Mitarashi and two other shinobi is tracking Kabuto.  By the marks on a fallen shinobi, Anko noted that Kabuto is becoming more and more like Orochimaru but wonders why he is leaving behind evidence.  She said it is unlike him.  One of her companions asked if he could be doing it on purpose.  Anko said she is sure he has taken on Orochimaru’s mantle but whether he will go after Konoha or Akatsuki is still a question.

Kabuto, on the other hand, has met with Uchiha Madara.  Madara said he is impressed that Kabuto found him.  Kabuto answered that he has served as a spy in numerous countries and spent some time working for Aaktsuki as well so they should not underestimate what he might know.  Madara acknowledged that he was once Sasori’s spy and a traitor to Akatsuki.  He then proceeded to attack Kabuto but he dodged and used the Impure World Resurrection technique.  He said it is a technique only the second Hokage and Orochimaru knew but he now makes three and surpassed its previous users.  He said it was a performance for Madara to earn his trust in his power.  He said that he did not come to fight but to join forces.


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