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Chapter 490 – The Truth About the Kyuubi

Madara asks Kabuto what he would gain if he allow him to join forces.  Kabuto answered that he heard that he plans to start a war soon and therefore, offers his support.  He presented Itachi, Sasori, Deidara, Kakuzu and Nagato as proof.  He said that they are strong.  He added that they are not only his pawns.

Madara asked what he wanted in return.  He replied that he wants Uchiha Sasuke.  He said that he is interested in discovering the truth behind ninjutsus when Madara asked him what he is plotting.  He said that he needs a live, young Uchiha for that.

Madara asked what will happen if he refused.  Kabuto performed another Summoning.  Another box appeared which rendered Madara shocked.  But whoever is the 6th in Kabuto’s Impure World Resurrection technique… we have yet to find out.

Kabuto said that Madara didn’t think he will come without an ace up his sleeve and that he cannot refuse.  Madara asked where he got it.  He said it is complicated but he promises not to tell anyone about it.

Madara laughed.  He said he did not think Yakushi Kabuto had it in him and that fighting him will only weaken him.  He agreed to join forces with him with the condition that he will only give Sasuke once he has proven himself in battle.  He said that until then, he won’t let him see Sasuke and that he will be watched.

Meanwhile, Anko and her team found a trail from the bodies left behind by Kabuto.  She asked Tokuma, a Byakugan user, to see up ahead.  He then saw Kabuto and Madara together and informed his group – Mitarashi, Taicho and Anko.  He told them that they went into a door that seems to lead underground.  They deliberated if they have joined forces and if that is the case, if Kabuto deliberately led them here.  Anko decided that they need to inform the village immediately.

Meanwhile, Naruto is hesitating on putting his hand on the seal.  Fukasaku asked him what the matter is.  Gerotora told him he is not surprised if Naruto is worried.

Gerotora explained that the Kyuubi’s power is made up of two parts, his chakra and his will.  He explained that for Naruto to control the Kyuubi, he should only draw the chakra and make it his own.  However, it is not that easy because on the chakra comes the Kyuubi’s will as well.

Gerotora goes on to say that the Kyuubi’s will is a mass of hatred and that it clings strongly to the chakra.  He said that no matter how much you brace yourself, it will try to take over your heart by clinging to the shreds of hatred inside.  He then added that in order to control the Kyuubi’s chakra, Naruto’s own will must be strong and free of hatred in order to separate the two completely.

Gerotora explained that the Yondaime made the seal so that a small amount of the chakra would leak out and mix with Naruto’s own chakra but once he uses the key to unlock the seal, he will be able to draw the Kyuubi’s full chakra.  Fukasaku surmised then that the Kyuubi’s will is then attached to this chakara.  Gerotora added that is the Kyuubi’s will is stronger than Naruto’s, then the Kyuubi will be completely revived.

Fukasaku asked if the seal has ever been fully opened. Gerotora answered that the truth is that the seal is weakening.  He explained that in order to keep Naruto from turning into the Kyubi while he trained, Jiraiya used the key to close the seal but the seal was weak and he did not know when Naruto might once more turn into Kyuubi. He said that because of that, Jiraiya used the key to open the seal for a short time to try and strengthen Naruto so he could control the Kyuubi but he failed.

Fukasaku asked what happened to which Gerotora answered that it did not go well.

Naruto then spoke up.  He said that it was true that when he and Orochimaru fought, he opened himself to the Kyuubi and let him take control of his will.  He said that he got so mad about what he said about Sasuke and so he wanted to defeat him right away.  He said that he ended up hurting Sakura and that Yamato told him to use his own strength rather than rely on the Kyuubi.  He added that it was one thing when he is training and Yamato watching over but in battle, there is always hatred so he thought he did not want the Kyuubi’s power.  He said he did not think he would be able to control the Kyuubi’s will.  He went on to say that when Pain hurt Hinata, he was filled with chagrin and hatred and rather than not using it, his heart automatically connected with the Kyuubi’s will.  He said right now, he is not worried since his father redid the seal but he does not know when it might happen again.  But, he added, in order to defeat Sasuke, he will need the Kyuubi’s chakra.

He said that in the end, he is the Kyuubi’s host and that he can’t run forever.

He thought about his father’s words.  The Fouth said that he sealed half the Kyuubi’s chakra in him is because he believed he could master it.

With those words, Naruto placed his hand on the seal.  He resolved that there is no use hesitating and promised his father that he will stay in control.

Gerotora said now they have an agreement and thus he will join him.

Meanwhile, in Kumogakure, Killer Bee is hardly listening to the meeting going on.  Kisame, still hidden in Samehada, is now fully aware of Kumogakure’s strength.  After the meeting is concluded, the Raikage announced that there will be a ninja alliance meeting in three days and instructed that the other villages are notified.



  1. Third hokage vs Orochimaru

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