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Chapter 491 – Confining the Hosts

Gerotora had to enter Naruto’s belly through the mouth.  It took Fukasaku kicking Gerotora in order for him to get down Naruto’s throat.  Once done, Fukasaku told him it is now time to go back to Konoha.  Naruto asked that he just now have to find the octopus and asked the Great Toad Sage if he could provide him a clue.  The Great Toad Sage he could not see it clearly but that it is an island, an animal paradise with no people around.  He said that on that island, the octopus wil help him.  With that, Fukasaku returned him to Konoha.

Naruto reappeared in Ichiraku, exactly where he was before to Teuchi’s and two other shinobi’s surprise. Teuchi asked him where he went as he suddenly disappeared and reappeared.  He said that it was nothing.

Now the two shinobi’s were also surprised to see Naruto there.  They were asking if they can get his autograph.  They said his Konoha’s hero and miracle boy and thus they wanted to have his autograph.  Naruto was suddenly stumped.  When they asked him if it was not okay, Naruto answered that he was just not used to it and didn’t even have a pen or anything with him.

Teuchi thought it was no wonder that Naruto was surprised because it was not so long ago that he was hated by everyonew and now they are calling him the miracle boy.  He told the two ninjas to let Naruto eat his ramen first.

Three days after the Raikage’s summon, everyone has gathered.  The Raikage noted that they all came quickly.  Gaara answered that the situation calls for haste.  The Tsuchikage in the meantime told Tsunade that she should let someone younger have the job of Hokage to which Tsunade he is not one to talk as he is much older.  The Mizukage said that she on the other hand is relieved that she is the Hokage again after what happened with Danzo.  Mifune, on the other hand, said that they should begin the meeting.

Mifune said they should discuss the matter about the Hachibi and the Kyuubi’s hosts as well as any information on the enemy’s base and strength.

Tsunade said that one of her teams has discovered the location of the enemy’s base but it might be a trap so they will need more information.

The Raikage said that he, too, have assembled a search team and is currently gathering information.  He said they should share information quickly between the villages.  The Mizukage suggested creating an allied intelligence team.

The Tsuchikage said that is fine but asked where they will hide the Hachibi and the Kyuubi.

Tsunade said that they need Naruto and Bee’s strength and asked how can they hide them.

The Tsuchikage said that that was what he thought so too but they are the enemy’s objective and therefore, cannot allow them to fall into the wrong hands.   He said this was decided at a previous meeting.

Tsunade snapped back that they are talking about Uchiha Madara and without the two they will not stand a chance.

Gaara answered that this is a war to protect them and that it is not her decision to make.  He said that they made a vote.  Tsunade said he is just a kid and was about to say something about Naruto but Gaara interrupted her already.  Gaara said he knows Naruto well.  He said that Naruto takes too many risks when it comes to his friends.

Mifune said that before they can discuss their strength, the Five Kages must be united and that is the only way they can win.

Shikaku Nara, accompanying Tsunade, said that he agrees with them.  She answered with fine, though unhappy with the decision.  The Tsuchikage noted that she is still as impudent as ever.

The Raikage said they will now discuss where to hide the two and asked if she has any further objections.  Tsunade no longer objected and said they should move on then.  The Raikage said he already have a place in mind and that he thinks it is best that they choose a place in Kumogakure as no members of their village are in Akatsuki.  He said it is an island where he and Bee trained.

Naruto and Yamato are now aboard a ship that will take them to the island.  Naruto is telling Yamato about the prophecy.  He said they are now on their way to an island paradise on a secret mission and that must be a sign like the prophecy has foretold.  Yamato is thinking how Naruto has not yet realized that he is to be hidden away.

When they reached the island, it is far from the paradise that Naruto imagined.  A Kumogakure ninja said it was like Konoha’s Forest of Death.  He added however that they should not worry.  He said that the animals won’t do anything as long as you leave them alone except for one thing. When Yamato asked what is it, a large squid appeared which Naruto mistook for an octopus.  He immediately called on it asking it to lead him.

The Kumogakure ninja shouted that it’s the squid.  He said he was just about to tell them to watch out for it.

Naruto, on the other hand, started counting it’s legs.  Yamato asked if he can’t tell without counting it’s legs to which Naruto replied that he just wanted to make sure.  Suddenly, Naruto was scooped up by one of the squid’s tentacles.

Just then, Killer Bee in Hachibi form appeared crushing the Squid.  Naruto finally counted eight legs.  The Kumogakure ninja said it’s Killer Bee.  Bee said they’re late.

Naruto and Killer Bee's First Meeting


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