Posted by: kitpotter | June 15, 2010

Chapter 492 – Greetings

Killer Bee and Naruto finally meet.  After crushing the squid, Killer Bee transformed back to himself.

Naruto shouted, “Hey, yo!” then thanked him.  Bee took out his rhyme book and checked “hey, yo” on his list to Naruto and Yamato’s confusion.

Suddenly, Bee is absorbed in his rap.  Naruto thought if this was the octopus that is supposed to lead him.  He asked then what is up with him, all muscles, sunglasses and bad jokes.  The Kumogakure ninja with them said that it’s not a bad joke.  He said it’s Bee original style, combining enka singing with a rap beat.  He said that Bee calls it Enka Rap.

Meanwhile, from the island, Motoi, a Kumogakure ninja as well, welcomed them.  He said that he is the one in charge and will be showing them where they will be staying.

From the cabin, Might Guy came out and said they’re finally here.  He is found out to be seasick.  Yamato commented he didn’t think he was the seasick type.

On the way to where they will be staying, a huge gorilla appeared.  But Bee only told off the gorilla and it calmed down.  However, the rest of the party could not believe it is a gorilla.

Motoi explained that Bee is the king of the beasts here and that he has tamed them all so as long as they are with him, the place is perfectly safe.  Motoi added that Kumogakure’s best ninjas also created a barrier around the island and if anyone suspicious approached, they will be alerted immediately.

Naruto then asked Motoi who the octopus man is.  Motoi said he is the bravest of all Kumogakure’s heroes and that he had not just tamed the wild animals but he also has a full control of the Bijuu within him.  He said that he is a host just like Naruto.  He told Naruto that he is the Hachibi.

Naruto was surprised to find out the Killer Bee can control the Bijuu inside him.  Motoi added that the island where they are is where he trained to control the Hachibi.

When they reached their destination, Naruto knocked on Killer Bee’s room.  When Bee saw him, he asked him what he wanted.  Naruto asked Bee to train him.  He said that he is the Kyuubi’s host but he can’t control his bijuu so he wanted to ask him how to control it.  But Bee said no.  He said that his brother, the Raikage sent him here on a vacation and he doesn’t want to use his precious time doing that.

Naruto said he’s a host like him and that they should help one another.  Bee then rapped that he doesn’t like his attitude and better try again.

With that, Naruto rapped as well, saying Bee is cool. Bee said it was not a bad beat and he said “Yo!” while waiting for Naruto bump fist with him.

Naruto did not understood and Bee explained that he has to start with a greeting.  To do that, he should bump fist with him and give him a beat.  However, Naruto’s beat ended up insulting Bee.  Naruto then tried is Harem no jutsu but it has no effect whatsoever with Bee.  Bee shut his door on him.

Naruto then went to Motoi.  He asked how Bee learned to control the Hachibi.  He said that Bee won’t tell him so he wanted to ask him instead.  He added that he does not care if Bee is Kumogakure’s hero, that he is stubborn and unfair and he does not like his rhymes.  He said that Bee should at least be a little nicer to him since he is also a host.

Motoi was angered by Naruto’s words.  He said he doesn’t know Bee and that he should not say another word against him.  He said that if he is a host, he can imagine what sort of life Bee has led.

Naruto snapped back saying he can imagine so Bee should also know what he had been through as well.  Naruto goes further to ask why he would not help him then.

Motoi said he must have a reason then and asked if he’s exchanged greetings with Bee.  Naruto said he did bump fists with him.  With that, Motoi said he will show him where Bee trained.  Yamato then appeared and said he should come as well since he is a Mokuton user and in charge of Naruto.

Motoi brought Naruto to the Waterfall of Truth.  Yamato asked if this is where Bee learned to control the Bijuu.  Motoi said no but that this is just the first step.  Motoi pointed a rock below the waterfalls and told Naruto to sit there, close his eyes and then he will be able to see the truth.

Naruto did as he was told.  Suddenly, a voice came out of the waterfalls asking him why he didn’t sign any autograph back at Ichiraku.  Naruto was surprised.  The voice added that those men suddenly changed their tune and tried to suck up to him.  Suddenly, the voice coming from the waterfall showed up and it’s an evil Naruto.


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