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Chapter 493 – Dark Naruto

Two Sides of Naruto

The Dark Naruto that came out of the Waterfall of Truth went to say that the villagers of Konoha treated them like a pariah.

Naruto asked who he is.  Dark Naruto said that he is him.  Naruto said he does not remember performing any Kage Bunshin.  Dark Naruto said that he is himself.  He is the Naruto inside him.  But Naruto said he does not know what he is talking about and that he has no idea who he is.

Dark Naruto went to say that Motoi called this place Waterfall of Truth and told Naruto that if that is the case, this is the perfect place for him to come out.  He said that he is the true Naruto, the “real” Naruto.

Dark Naruto said that he is his precious hatred, his darker side but there is one difference – that the Kyuubi likes him better.

Naruto suddenly remembered Gerotora’s words about the Kyuubi’s will being a mass of hatred and that no matter how strongly he brace it himself, it will try to take over his heart by clinging to the shreds of hatred inside of him.

Naruto finally realized what is going on.  Dark Naruto said he is him and that he cannoyt get tid of him and called him a fake.

Naruto then attacked the Dark Naruto and told him he is the fake.

Meanwhile, Bee is playing sumo wrestling with a bunch of bears.  Cute! While doing so, the Hachibi is talked with Bee and asked if he is just going to fool around and not help Naruto.  The Hachibi told him that they are both hosts and though he doesn’t like the Kyuubi, Naruto seemed to show promise.  He added that he used to be wild and that Naruto reminds him of how Bee used to be like.  Bee answered though that he does not want to do anything with a kid who makes fun of rap.

Meanwhile, both Naruto and the Dark Naruto are tired.  Naruto thought how they have the same strength and they’ll never get anywhere like that.  Dark Naruto said he can’t and never will defeat him.  Naruto said he’ll defeat him by numbers instead and used a Kage Bunshin no jutsu.  But Dark Naruto did just as he did and produced the same number of clones.

Yamato, on the other hand, asked Motoi what is going on.  Motoi explained that by sitting in front of the waterfall, one can focus one’s concentration and enter the world within.  Then the waterfall becomed a mirror of one’s true self.  He said that right now, Naruto is fighting another Naruto.

Suddenly, Naruto woke up from his meditation gasping for breath.  Yamato asked him if he’s okay and what happened.  Naruto said that someone who looked like him appeared and that he is the dark part of him.    He said that he and the Dark Naruto are evenly matched, their jutsus and techniques exactly the same, and could not win.

Motoi said that unless he defeats him, he cannot control the Bijuu.  Naruto asked how he could defeat him but Motoi does not know either.  He said that asking Bee is out of the question, not with his kind of attitude.

Motoi said he doesn’t like to talk about other people like this but since he is a host like Bee and controlling the bijuu will help bring peace, then he will.

Motoi begins with his story…

As I said to you before, Motoi began to tell Naruto, as another host, you should be able to imagine what Bee has been through.  And it is just as you have imagined.  Great power breeds fear and hatred.  The other villagers were always awkward around Bee and did not like him.  He never got depressed nor did he complained.  He was always cheerful and easy-going.  And most importantly, he was never ashamed about being a host, but instead tried to make that part of himself more appealing.  He seemed to take pride in it.  You may wonder why he was able to take pride in such a thing but it was probably for his brother, the Raikage.

So the hosts would never betray their villages, they were chosen from among the wives and children and close relatives of the Five Kages.  The host both protects the leader of the village and acts as a display of strength.  Bee must have wanted to be a good host for the Raikage.  Apparently, he completed his training here at the Waterfall of Truth in no time.  I admire him with all my heart and consider him Kumogakure’s hero.

After telling this tale, Yamato said he has never seen a well-loved host and that Motoi really understood what it means to be a host and made him the perfect candidate to be their guide.

Naruto then asked if he can ask Bee for him instead.  However, Motoi said he cannot do that because he is unworthy.

Motoi said he tried to kill Bee once.  Naruto asked why after he just told them how much he respects Bee.  Motoi said this is his penance and since he is a host, he will tell them of the incident 30 years ago.



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