Posted by: kitpotter | June 15, 2010

Chapter 494 – Killerbee and Motoi

Motoi tells his story from 30 years ago…

There wasn’t a host able to control the Hachibi, Motoi began.  At the time, the Hachibi had rampaged several times and destroyed Kumogakure in the process.  Each time, Sandaime Raikage and the other elite managed to stop it’s rampage and somehow they were able to force the Hachibi back into it’s sealed pot.  But there were always many casualties.

However, in order to maintain the power balance with other countries, they had to be able to control the Hachibi so they continued experimenting with hosts.  And among the many casualties was my father.

Bee was my friend and we were only five when my father was killed.  The host who killed my father died when they forcibly removed the Hachibi and sealed it away.  He was an earlier host and it was soon afterwards that Bee was chosen to be the new host.

I thought he would not be able to control the Hachibi.  That there would just be more casualties.  My hatred for the Hachibi continued to grow and though I was still a child, I plotted revenge.  I hated the way Bee was always smiling as if he didn’t have a clue.  My hatred of the Hachibi became hatred of its host.  I thought if I killed Bee, that would kill the Hachibi, too.

I attacked Bee from behind but when I failed, I got scared and ran away.  I hid my face but Bee may have realized it was me.  I stopped talking to him after that.

My hatred did not disappear immediately, I always followed him after that to keep an eye on him.  But it wasn’t just me.  He was always shunned and hated by the rest of the villagers, too.  It did not matter that politics had forcesd him into becoming the host or that he protected the village.  The villagers continued to shun him.  No ordinary man could have stood it.  That was when I realized Bee was hurting more than I was.

Yamato then asked him why he is telling them this. Motoi answered that maybe he just wanted to tell Bee but felt he could tell Naruto because he is a host as well.  He added that he will need to tell him the truth at some point and if not, he will always regret it.

Naruto realized then that he was trying to justify his action and his motives and so he left.  He said he needed some time to be alone.

Naruto remembered how the whole village hated him and then after defeating Pain, everibody considered him a hero. He remembered Gaara’s father who tried to have him assassinated and after the incident with Akatsuki, everybody cared about him.  Thinking out loud, he said that they now trust Bee and Gaara became a Kazekage.  He said as for himself, Iruka and the villagers once treated him like a pariah as well and said that he never thought of himself that way but somewhere in his heart, he isn’t sure if the villagers really trust him.

Suddenly, the squid reappeared.  Motoi was caught.  Yamato said they’re going with Formation C but Naruto does not seem to move.  Then, he shouted that Bee should stop it because Motoi really does trust him to Yamato’s consternation.  He told Naruto that it’s the squid.

Naruto said he thought Motoi must have told Bee the truth and he got angry but Yamato answered that they got worried and so they went after him only to be attacked by the giant squid.

Using Mokusatsu Shibari no Jutsu, Yamato held down the squid’s tentacles.  Naruto shouted that they will save him.

Out of nowhere, Bee arrived once again crushing down the squid.  Motoi asked why he saved him when he must have known he tried to kill him once but Bee just asked when did that happen and bumped fists with Motoi.


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