Posted by: kitpotter | June 15, 2010

Chapter 495 – Dark Naruto Destroyed

Bee thanked Naruto for trying to save Motoi.  Motoi, meanwhile, tells Yamato that there is something that draws people to Naruto like Bee.

Bee said he’s revised his opinion of Naruto and thinks he is a pretty cool dude after all.

Naruto replied that he is a great rapper and that he is lucky to have met him in rap to which Bee said had a nice beat to it.

Yamato thought it was one thing to have something in common with Killer Bee but he is not sure he is too keen on Naruto taking up rap.

Naruto bumped fists with Bee and properly introduced himself in rap using “dattebayo.” Bee suggested that he should cut out the “dattebayo” since it was pretty annoying.  He then told Naruto to go to the Waterfall of Truth and told him that he knows he can now do it.

Naruto went back to the waterfalls and met the Dark Naruto once again.  The Dark Naruto said he was back but he still cannot defeat him.  Naruto answered that trying to defeat him did not get him anywhere because he will just do whatever he does.  Dark Naruto replied that Naruto cannot get rid of him either because he knows him better than he does.

Naruto then told him he must already know.  Dark Naruto asked what he meant and Naruto said he must already know what he decided a minute ago to which the Dark Naruto ask how should he know.

Naruto said he cannot fool him.  He told the Dark Naruto that if the waterfalls reflect what is in his heart, he will just have to picture it so he can show him.

Naruto concentrated and showed Dark Naruto the image he wants to show him.

He said that this is his signature, the signature he could not bring himself to write at Ichiraku.

The Dark Naruto was angry.  He asked him why he came up with something like that.  He told Naruto it was stupid and he is a fool for letting them make a big deal out of him.  He said that they deceived them for years and made up the rules to exclude them and make them a pariah.

The Dark Naruto asked Naruto to remember how they hurt and suffered and that he is the only one who understands.  He told Naruto that they cannot trust them.

Naruto answered that he knows that.  He said the villagers are important to him but first, there is someone else he needs to believe in first.

Naruto said that he is going to believe himself, believe the person they trust in him.

Dark Naruto asked him why after everything they have suffered and Naruto said that Bee made him realize that he should be proud of himself.  He said Bee does not doubt himself.

Dark Naruto was now crying and more angry.  He asked Naruto if that is the case, is he the one holding him back and what does that make him.  Naruto assured him that able to become strong because of him.

Dark Naruto asked him what he should do then while he is about to attack Naruto.  Naruto stood his ground and told him the answer was simple.  He told him that he should become him because he is him.  ( To that effect ..  hehehe ) And he embraced his dark side and thanked him for everything but that is enough.

Finally, Naruto stood up and Yamato, Motoi and Bee are waiting for him.  Yamato asked if he did it but Bee said it is too early to celebrate.

Bee asked Naruto is he wants to control the Kyuubi then he is his master.  Bee then proceeded on the other side of the waterfall and told Naruto to follow him.  Behind the waterfall is where he will fight the Kyuubi according to Bee.



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