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Chapter 496 – Reunion with the Kyuubi

Inside the Waterfall of Truth, Bee said this is where Naruto will fight the Kyuubi.  He told him to follow him along with Yamato.  There were a lot of headless statues to which Yamato said looked liked ancient ruins and might be archaeologically valuable but needs repair.

Bee, however, said there is a reason why they are headless.  However, Naruto proceeded to ask how he can fight the Kyuubi, how he can see him.

Yamato said they’re not planning anything rash if they really are going to fight the Kyuubi.

Bee answered him how does he expect Naruto to control the Kyuubi without being rash.  He went to say that their location is a holy place where many past hosts have come as part of the choosing ceremony.  He said that inside that building is where Naruto can communicate with the bijuu.  Bee said that only the chosen can enter.  He then instructed Naruto to place his head in the statue’s mouth and if there is no darkness in his heart, the door will open.

Yamato asked if they can further explain that.  Naruto explained that first, there should be no darkness in his heart that is why he first had to go through the Waterfall of Truth.  Bee further explained that if there is darkness in him, the door will not open and the startue will bite his head off.  He then explained that the headless statues that Yamato saw earlier are past hosts.

Yamato said it was too risky and should have one of his kage bunshin do it to which Bee said it was a holy place.  He said the spirits of Kumogakure are watching them and cannot fool them.  Yamato wanted to object further but Naruto told him that he came here to control the Kyuubi.  He said it is important to him and that he cannot run away.

Naruto inserted his head on the statue and then suddenly he was shouting.  Yamato tried to pull him away but he pulled out a headless Naruto.  Then, his head came back and Naruto was laughing.

Naruto explained that there was a switch inside and said he could not resist.  Bee was laughing as well.  He said he did the same thing himself and explained that the statues were just broken and he was just joking.  Yamato said he thought this was a holy place.

A door suddenly opened.

Bee told him to go inside and close his eyes and concentrate just like in the waterfalls.  After that, he said Naruto will be able to see the bijuu.

Naruto told Bee that he already had training so he can talk with the Kyuubi inside him.  Bee said any host can do that but this was different.  He told him to listen carefully as he explain what to do.

Bee first asked what sort of seal was used on the Kyuubi.  When Naruto failed to answer, Yamato offered the information.  It was a Shisho Fuin – a Four Element Seal.  Bee said that it’s a good one and an even stronger seal than his Tekko Fuin (Iron Seal).  He asked if Naruto has the key and Naruto said that he does.

Yamato the realized that they are going to break open the seal.  He asked what if Naruto could not control it and the Kyuubi is revived.  Bee said that they will seal the Kyuubi inside that room.  He said that is the reason that place exists.  He said that the Kyuubi will be sealed here until they find a new host to replace him so Naruto should watch out if he does not want to be replaced.  Naruto replied that that won’t happen and that he can do it.

With that, Bee said he’s closing the door and he will now show Naruto what to do with the Kyuubi.  He said that he is amazed by Naruto and the rules are simple.  He said Naruto first need to greet the Kyuubi and then break the seal.  He added that he has conquered his hatred and that he is strong.  He said that the Kyuubi is made of hatred and nothing more.  He said that when the seal is broken, he should use his chakras to grab hold of the Kyuubi’s chakras and pull it out.  He said that only chakras can grab onto chakras so he justhave to steal the Kyuubi’s chakras from it and then he will be the winner.  He told Naruto that once he touch the Kyuubi, their chakras will be connected.  He said it will be like a tug of war.  He added that he will fight as well but technically he will be inside Naruto so he will not be as strong as usual and that he should also know that when he tries to take the Kyuubi’s chakras, there is also a chance that he will take his instead and if the Kyuubi sucks his chakras instead, he will be left with nothing and he knows what will happen.

Inside, Naruto greeted the Kyuubi.  He said he is looking hostile as usual.  The Kyuubi’s eyes then focused on him and Naruto asked what.  The Kyuubi asked him where the real Naruto is because he could not feel him anymore.  Naruto said that he is right before his eyes.

With that, he removed the seal covering the lock.  The Kyuubi asked him what he was doing and Naruto said it was obvious.  He removed his shirt exposing the seal on his stomach.  With the key, now embedded on his right arm,  opened the lock on his stomach to release the Kyuubi.

Naruto Breaking the Four Element Seal

The gate is now flung open.  Just as the Kyuubi is about to attack Naruto, Bee used the Hachibi to suppress it. However, the Kyuubi lashed at it and cut through the Hachibi’s tentacles.

The Kyuubi commented that he now realize that Naruto wants to control his power.


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