Posted by: kitpotter | June 15, 2010

Chapter 497 – Kyuubi vs. Naruto

The Kyuubi said he’s teamed up with the Hachibi.  He said he’s a pathetic excuse for a Jinchuuriki for teaming up with another.

Naruto, however is concentrating, trying to remember the advises given by Bee.  He remember him saying that the risk is high but if he manage to take the power, rip the chakra from the Kyuubi’s will, than that would be his reward.  He reminded him not to get sucked by the Kyuubi’s hatred and guard himself with his own strong will.

The Kyuubi first fired a huge blast of chakra towards Naruto which Killer Bee blocked and contained the explosion.  He told Naruto that it is all the help he can give.

Naruto went into Sage Mode while Bee contained the explosion.  One of his shadow clones then performed Senpo Cho Odama Rasengan (Sage Tech – Super Sized Rasengan) to distract the Kyuubi.  The Kyuubi blocked it with his tails throwing Naruto away.

The Kyuubi asked if Naruto thought he could beat him to which Naruto replied he would not have removed the seal if he didn’t think so.  Then, Naruto was suddenly holding into one of the Kyuubi’s tails.  Two shadow clones then appeared from above with the Wind Release: Rasenshuriken which weakened the Kyuubi and gave Naruto the chance to grab hold of the Kyuubi’s chakra.

However, the Kyuubi then started planting his hatred along with the chakra slowly consuming Naruto.  Bee started to see Naruto’s transformation and tried to tell him not to give in.

His chakra is now being slowly drained by the Kyuubi. The Kyuubi said he cannot control his power as he is nothing more but a tiny piece of his hatred.  Naruto suddenly has flashbacks of his childhood.

Bee, on the other hand, tells Yamato that the Kyuubi’s hatred is stronger than he would have thought and Naruto might be in trouble.  Yamato said that he will try to hold it back.

Naruto’s left eye is turning black and saying that Naruto should disappear forever.  Suddenly, Naruto hears a voice saying no and that he belongs here.  A woman appeared pointing to her heart and saying Naruto’s name.  It was Uzumaki Kushina.



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