Posted by: kitpotter | July 12, 2010

Chapter 499 – A New Seal

Hearing his mother telling him that she loves him gives Naruto strength and happiness.  With those words and with Kushina’s chakra coming from Naruto, he was able to repel the Kyuubi’s hatred from overcoming him.  Even Bee and Yamato observed the Kyuubi’s aura receding.

Kushina told Naruto that the chakras she used to control the Kyuubi will not last much longer and told him that this is his chance to get him.  Naruto immediately summoned his clones just as the Kyuubi  break the chains that bind him.  Naruto and his clones threw a Rasen Cho Darengan (Rasengan Barrage) towards the Kyuubi but he didn’t seem affected and warned Naruto not to get conceited.  Kushina, on the other hand, said she got one left.  And there on the Kyuubi’s leg, one of her chain chakra is still holding the Kyuubi.  With that, he tripped him causing him to fall down.

Naruto, on the other hand, has shifted to Sage Mode and attacked the Kyuubi head on with Senpo Cho Odama Rasen Darengan (Sage Art-Nonstop Gargantuan Rasengan Barrage).  Then, for the final attack, he launched a Resenshuriken.

Senpo Cho Odama Rasen Darengan

The Kyuubi is pushed back with the impact.  His physical body separated from his chakra.

Separating the Kyuubi from his Chakra

With that, Naruto instucted his clones to pull the chakra towards them away from the Kyuubi.  Naruto absorbs all the chakra from the Kyuubi forming a new seal on his body.

Naruto's New Seal

The Kyuubi was angered and launched a large sphere of chakra.  Naruto said that after all that he was amazing having that amount of chakra left after he’s  taken almost all of them.  Naruto then placed his fingers on the seal on his stomach.  Immediately, before the Kyuubi can even launch the attack, a massive interlocking torii encased the Kyuubi back.

When he looked back at Naruto, he questioned himself if he is seeing the Sage of the Six Paths based on the seal on Naruto and on how he resealed him back.

Sage of Six Path as compared to Naruto's New Seal above

He told Naruto that he will not forget what he did.  Naruto apologized and promised him that he will not hurt and and that he will just have to wait a little longer.

Then Naruto asked what his mother would do now.  Kushina said that she can now join Minato but before she does, she wants to tell him the truth about his birth and what really happened 16 years ago.

She told him that she will begin the story when she was the previous Jinchuuriiki of the Kyuubi.

Uzumaki Kushina


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