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Chapter 500 – Naruto’s Birth

Naruto's Parents: Namikaze Minato and Uzumaki Kushina

Naruto is surprised to find out that her mother was the Kyuubi’s host.

Kushina said that before they go to the story of his birth, she wants to tell him about herself.

Kushina said that she was chosen as the Kyuubi’s second host.  She was brought to Konoha from Uzu no Kuni specifically to become the host.

Naruto was immediately adamant why she, a person from another country, become the host.

Kushina answered that even if she was from another country or village, Hi no Kuni and Uzu no Kuni and the villages of Konohagakure and Uzushiogakure were very close.  She said that the Uzumaki clan and the Uzushio of the Senju clan of Konoha are distantly related.

Uzushiogakure and Konohagakure

She goes on to say that the Uzushio were long-lived and were sometimes called the village of long life.  She said that their clan specialized in seals though they were a bit rough.  She told Naruto that the Shisho Fuin in his stomach was based on her village’s jutsu and that she was the one who taught Minato about Fuin Jutsus.  She added that the mark on his back is the mark of the village of Uzushiogakure and it has been used in Konoha as a symbol of friendship.

Uzushiogakure mark

Kushina said that he country no longer exists. Because their fuin jutsus were feared during the war, the village was eventually attacked and destroyed and the survivors apparently scattered to other lands and went into hiding.

Kushina now goes on to say that she was born with very strong chakras, even for Uzushio, strong enough to control the Kyuubi.  Her predecessor was also a kunoichi from Uzushio so it was a custom.  She said her predecessor’s name was Uzumaki Mito and she was the Shodai Hokage’s wife while she became the Yondaime Hokage’s wife.

She said that during the battle between Shodai Hokage Senju Hashirama and Uchiha Madara, Senju Hashirama gained control of the Kyuubi and in order to harness it’s power, Uzumaki Mito used her fuin jutsu to seal the Kyuubi within herself and become its host.  Konoha has been in possession of the Kyuubi since then.  But when she neared the end of her life, that was when she was summoned to become the new Kyuubi’s vessel.

Naruto commented that they did not even treat her as a person but Kushina went on with her story.  She said she was not told why she was brought in Konoha and it was truly a shock when she first found out.  She said it was top secret, only three people knew – the Sandaime Hokage, and a couple of the village elders.  She said she was crushed by the pressure and loneliness of being a host but Uzumaki Mito told her that she was brought here to be the Kyuubi’s vessel but first, that vessel must be filled with love.  That way, she added, though she would live as the host, she could be happy.

young Kushina and Minato

Naruto was in tears to realize that she was happy even though she was the host – far from the loneliness that he had to bear.  Kushina said there was no need for him to cry.

Naruto then realized something from her story.  Naruto said that Minato told him that 16 years ago, when the Kyuubi attacked Konoha, a masked man was behind it so how was it that the Kyuubi was sealed inside her.

She said that his father might not have been able to tell him the details because he spent most of his time on her and did not have much time left for himself.

She said it was true that the Kyuubi was under the control of a masked man when it attacked 16 years ago but right up until then, the Kyuubi was sealed within her.  She said that the masked man knew the one moment when a host’s seal weakens and that he planned his attack and stole the Kyuubi.  Naruto asked when was that one time.  Kushina said it was during childbirth.

Kushina explained that for a jinchuuriki, a full-term pregnancy is ten months and a female host must direct the energy used on the seal towards the child in her belly and so the seal weakens in proportion.

So 16 years ago, on the 10th day of the 10th month,  she was taken into a secured place outside of the village to give birth in secret.  Sandaime’s wife Biwako and Taji, a medic-nin from the ANBU will serve as midwives.  A few ANBU will also serve as security.  Minato will be there as well to keep the seal in place.

On the way, Kushina and Biwako even met Uchiha Mikoto carrying a baby – Sasuke.  Biwako noted that he was named after his husband’s father.  Kushina hoped that Sasuke and Naruto would someday be friends.

When the time for Naruto’s birth came, they were all in the secured location.  Minato is keeping the seal in place while Biwako is assisting in the childbirth.  Outside, however, the ANBU were being attacked one by one by a man with a mask.

After much hard labour, Kushina finally gave birth to Naruto.  Minato was happy that he is finally a father and Kushina said she finally get to see Naruto.  Minato said that he knew she was worn out from childbirth but now she needs to exert full control over the Kyuubi now.

Just then, Biwako and Taji were rendered unconscious.  The masked man is now holding a helpless baby Naruto hostage and threatened Minato to step away from the host or his child will die.

masked man holding Naruto hostage



  1. Madara is such a badass. Hope he dies soon.

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