Posted by: kitpotter | September 7, 2011

Chapter 502 – The Fourth Hokage Goes To War!

Itachi, who was babysitting his baby brother Sasuke, felt a sense of foreboding as the Nine Tails goes to attack Konoha.  Kakashi, who is being challenged by Guy, also sensed something is amiss.  The Third Hokage, who was in his office, was also alerted.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the village, Madara has arrived and immediately used a Summoning Technique to transport the Kyuubi.  It immediate caused rampage in the village and the Third Hokage was immediately informed by one of the jonins.    He wondered if the seal on Kushina failed even after all the safeguards were put in place.  He immediately instructed the jonin to protect the villagers while he goes to stop the Kyuubi.

Minato, on the other hand, arrived where the Kyuubi was.  The Kyuubi immediately sensed his presence and threw a Tailed Beast Ball towards him and the village.  Minato said that it won’t happen on his watch and used his teleportation technique to send the blast to a different location.  Shikaku Nara and Choza Akimichi immediately identified that this was the Fourth Hokage’s technique.

Minato was about to go and look for the Third Hokage to tell him what happened when Madara appeared and told him that Minato will have to face him first.  But Minato immediately teleported.  Minato, arriving somewhere else in the village, noted how his attack slipped right through him even if a moment before that, he was trying to suck him into another dimension.  However, while pondering on this discovery, Madara appeared once more.  Still pondering on his opponent’s technique, Minato realized there was only one person who could have done all those and at once realized that it must be Uchiha Madara.  He had some second thoughts though as he knew that he is long dead and said that it does not matter who he is.  Madara said that everything is a part of his plan to start a war to bring peace.  Minato immediately noted that he could even be more dangerous than the Nine Tailed Beast.  They started to fight but none of Minato’s attack hit Madara as he can make himself intangible.  With a stroke of an idea, Minato threw a kunai towards Madara while attacking head on with a Rasengan.  With that, he was able to teleport to wherever Madara is and hit him.  He called it a Flying Thunder God Technique – Level 2.


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