Posted by: kitpotter | September 7, 2011

Chapter 503 – Minato’s Dead Demon Seal

I have to say that this is the most heartbreaking chapter ever. *sigh* Here goes…

As Minato is about to deliver a second strike, Madara teleports away.  But Minato immediately found him as he had him already marked.  Immediately, Minato placed a contract seal on Madara and removed his control over the Kyuubi.

The scene shifts to Iruka.  His mother is badly hurt and his father is telling him to run.  He wanted to stay but his father told him that parents are supposed to protect their children.

Meanwhile, Madara complimented the Fourth Hokage telling him that he indeed deserves the title but leaves a threat that someday it will be his again and disappeared.

Back in the village, the younger shinobis were placed on a protective barrier by Kurenai’s father.  Kurenai voiced out her discontent but her father said that she is a shinobi and may not have a long life. She is also a woman and his daughter and asked that she at least survive long enough to give him a grandchild and pass on the will of fire.

The Kyuubi, on the other hand is about to blast another Tailed Beast Ball and Minato immediately summoned Gamabunta and asked him to hold down the Nine Tails for a bit.  Gamabunta said he is not a miracle worker but Minato said that he just needs enough chakra to take the blast away from the village.  With that, he was able to teleport himself and the Kyuubi far away from the village and to where Kushina and Naruto is.  He immediately placed a barrier while Kushina’s draining chakra placed chains on the Kyuubi and subdue him planning to placed him back inside her.  Minato was caught off guard.  Kushina told him that she’ll drag the Kyuubi back inside her and die with it and that it will prevent the Kyuubi from coming back, at least for a while.  She said it was the only way to save him and Naruto and thanked Minato for everything.

The pain and helplessness was evident in Minato’s eyes.  He answered, “Kushina, you made me your husband.  You made me into the Fourth Hokage.  You made me this boy’s father.   And I…”

Kushina cut him off.  “Don’t look so sad, Minato,” she said, “I’m happy that you loved me. Happy that it’s our son’s birthday. Like, if I try to imagine surviving and the three of us living together, I can’t think of anything beyond ‘I’d be happy.’ If I had any regrets, it would be that I won’t see Naruto grow up.”

Minato said that she doesn’t have to take the fox with her and that they can use their last bit of chakra to see Naruto one more time.  He said that he will seal the last of her chakra inside Naruto with an Eight Trigrams Seal and lead the Kyuubi away.  He will seal the Kyuubi with a seal only a non-jinchuuriki like him can use, the Dead Demon Seal.  However, he said that he can only seal half of the Kyuubi’s power because it is too great and physically and conceptually impossible to completely seal him.  He said he cannot let the nine-tails be revived without a jinchuuriki because the balance of the tailed beasts will be destroyed.  But with the Dead Demon Seal, he can seal half the fox’s power along with himself and the remaining half with Naruto with Eight Trigrams Seal.  Kushina was shocked.  Minato, remembering Jiraiya’s words about the prophecy said that he’s confirmed two things: the man with the mask is the harbringer of disaster Jiraiya spoke of and Naruto will be the one to stop him, the Jinchuuriki who will blaze the trail to the future and that he is confident of his son.  Before Kushina could stop him, Minato brought out the Dead Demon Seal and asked Kushina to have faith in their son.


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