Posted by: kitpotter | September 7, 2011

Chapter 505 – Release the Kyuubi’s Chakra

Naruto heard the last of her dying mother’s words.  He said that from this time onwards, he is going to eat his vegetables as well and not just ramen, he goes to the hot springs a lot and gets enough sleep, as for friends, they are all great and hoped that his parents could have met all of them though there is one tough guy he having some problems with.  His studies are going well and he may have gotten into trouble with his senseis and senpais but he has nothing but respect for them now.  Jiraiya also taught him all the vices of a shinobi just as she said but he has also taught him to become a ninja.  He declared that he is Uzumaki Naruto and his dream is to become the next Hokage and to become a better Hokage than any of the Hokages that came before him, to be cooler than his father and stronger than his mother.

With that, Naruto was able to finally open his eyes with Bee and Yamato waiting for him.  Bee asked him what happened they bumped first and Bee seemed to understand everything.  Bee noted that that there is peacefulness in his expression now.  When Yamato asked if he was finally able to control the nine tails, only Bee and Naruto seemed to understand what “this” and “that” meant much to Yamato’s consternation.

Meanwhile, outside the cave, Guy found out from Aoba and Motoi that Naruto is in a dangerous training mission and wanted to be taken to him.

Naruto, on the other hand, explained that the Kyuubi’s chakra is in a separate place inside of him and that he won’t always be using them.

Then, he showed them how he is like when he uses them.  Yamato was amazed.  He said that Naruto is filled with life force and even his Mokuton is affected.

Suddenly, Naruto sensed someone else with them.  Bee said that if Naruto can sense another presense, then he must have been careless not to even notice.  Kisame is alarmed because his chakra is the same as Samehada and wonders how Naruto could sense his presense.  But Naruto declared that it was not a chakra but a vague sense of malice.  He immediately pointed to the sword to which Kisama jumped from.  He said that it must be the power of a host in control of a Kyuubi to sense hatred and evil because none of the sensor types could feel it.

Bee asked how he escaped when he thought he already cut his head off.  Kisame said that he switched with a clone even while they were submerged in water.  Bee argued that clones disappear once dead and C would have sensed if someone else took his place.  Kisame added that the clone is special that it is like a parasite that could be controlled remotely.  Kisame then opened the doorway, much to Bee’s amazement, to escape as two jinchuurikis are a bit much even for him.  But even before Kisame could make his move to escape, Naruto already hit him in a flash.

Bee and Yamato were amazed.  Bee asked if that was a Shunshin no Jutsu. He said Naruto is in the offensive and moved like a golden flash.  However, Naruto was stuck in the wall, as he hit Kisame too hard.  Kisame was able to escape.  Yamato asked Bee to follow him while he assist Naruto as he’s not as good as the Yondaime just yet.

Outside the Fall of Truth, Aoba and Motoi explained how Naruto fought his inner self.  Due to their prodding, Guy stepped in as well and a shadow appeared telling him that he really shouldn’t go around talking about youth this and youth that all the time or else an old man like him might do himself harm if he’s not careful.  It said that he knows he wanted to be youthful in front of Lee but that no one wants to be youthful forever.  Guy asked him to show himself if he is going to talk like that.  All of a sudden, it was Kisame who came out, still cloaked inside Samehada.  Guy actually thought that his true self is some sort of a weird animal until Aoba and Motoi told him to be careful because that is not his true self.  And using Konoha Kaigansho, Guy struck Kisame using his elbows.


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