Posted by: kitpotter | September 8, 2011

Chapter 506 – Guy vs Kisame

“It’s not my true self?” Guy asked.  Aoba and Motoi said if he opens his eyes, he will see that he is already out of the fountain.

Once again, Guy and Kisame met eye to eye again.  Kisame expressed his frustration on seeing Guy.  Guy, as usual, does not recognize him and asked if he is a pufferfish.  Bee said that he’s an Akatsuki spy and that they cannot let him escape or else their secrets are no longer safe.

Samehada, removed himself from Kisame and went towards Bee.  Bee seemed to understand the sword explaining to him that he was forced.  Kisame, on the other hand, took hold of the handle of Samehada but he held on to Bee.  Kisame went underwater while Motoi warned Bee that his chakra is being absorbed.  Aoba immediately asked backup from Guy to use Hijutsu Ishibar to get intel on Kisame.  However, Kisame ended up absorbing his chakra using that technique.  Guy immediately kicked him using Konoha Senpu to stop Kisame from absorbing Aoba’s chakra.  Kisame used a Suiton – Suikodan no Jutsu against guy which produced a shark made out of water and ran.  Motoi said they cannot let him out of the island’s barrier or it will all be over.  If they cannot stop him before that, even he cannot sense him anymore.

Guy said that he’ll stop him and used Hachimon Tonko! Dai Roku Keimon Kai! (Eight Gates Release – #6 Gate of View Open!) Bee enlarged his hand and Guy went up on it to be thrown towards Kisame.  Bee collapsed after throwing Guy since a lot of his chakra was absorbed but Motoi said they can still stop him.

Meanwhile, guy summoned a Turtle while midair.  The turtle’s comment is just so funny.  He said, “It’s been a long time, but what are we doing in midair!?”  LoL!  Using the turtle’s back, Guy shot upwards.

Kisame, on the water, also summoned a shark and hid a scroll.  Guy arrived just in time.  Kisame said he is persistent but Guy said that that scroll contained intel on them and he will not let him get away.  Kisame then used a Suiton – Senjikizame (Water Release: Thousand Feeding Sharks).  Sharks emerged from under Kisame and like a tidal wave, about to crush Guy.

Guy, in his usual pose said he can’t tell which shark he wants and then used a technique – Asa Kujaku (Morning Peacock).  However, he is still unable to locate the shark that has the scroll and said he would have to widen his scope then.  With that, he opened the 7th Gate of Wonder.  Green flames surrounded him and repelled the water.  At the same time, they both released their techniques.


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