Posted by: kitpotter | September 8, 2011

Chapter 507 – A False Existence

Guy and Kisame’s techniques are head to head.  According to Kisame, his Daikodan is no ordinary jutsu.  It absorbs chakras to grow bigger and bigger.  The stronger his opponent is, the better.  However, for some reason, he noticed that Guy’s jutsu deflated but his Daikodan is not getting any bigger.

Then, Guy instructed his jutsu to roar and a huge ball blasted over the ocean.  Naruto and Yamato, along with Bee, Aoba and Motoi, saw the blast and asked what it is.  Yamato explained that it is Guy’s Hachimon Tonko, Hiru Dora.  Naruto said he did not expect that sort of name from Guy.  Yamato, however, warned that Hiru Dora’s energy will spread through the surrounding area.

On the next scene, we see Guy standing over a battered Kisame and holding the scroll.  Kisame asked what that jutsu is if it wasn’t a chakra missile and what is the green aura surrounding Guy.

Guy explained that Hiru Dora is not a ninjutsu but a taijutsu.  It’s a punch, just a very fast punch.  It concentrates the air pressure in the direction of his enemies and diffuses at once after compressing.  And the aura surrounding him is not his chakra either.  He said that anyone who opens the 7th Gate, Kyomon, sweats green sweat.  It is the hot air evaporating as it comes off his body.

Kisame answered that it was no wonder he thought it was a chakra missile that got smaller.  He said that this is the 3rd time he’s faced him and had no idea he harbored such secrets but he probably does not remember him.

Kisame is then captured and Aoba tried to get intel from him.  He was from the Mist Village.  One day, the Fourth Mizukage approached him.  However, it seems that the third mizukage is under control of Uchiha Madara.  Kisame was amazed that he was able to control the beast inside the Mizukage. As Aoba was reading his mind, Kisame bit his own tongue and broke from the connection and from his bonds.



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