New Chapters

New Chapters
# Title Date Released
413 Crash 21-Aug-08
414 Bull on Rampage 30-Aug-08
415 A New Power!! 4-Sep-08
416 The Legend of the Gutsy Ninja 12-Sep-08
417 Raikage Makes His Move 18-Sep-08
418 Naruto, The Sage! 26-Sep-08
419 Attack!! 3-Oct-08
420 Battlefield Konoha 10-Oct-08
421 Call Naruto Back! 16-Oct-08
422 Kakashi vs Pain 23-Oct-08
423 The Deva Path’s Power 30-Oct-08
424 Determination!! 6-Nov-08
425 Hatake Kakashi 20-Nov-08
426 Naruto and Konoha 27-Nov-08
427 Reunion 5-Dec-08
428 Conversation 11-Dec-08
429 Pain 19-Dec-08
430 Naruto’s Return 30-Dec-08
431 Naruto Erupts 16-Jan-09
432 The Return of the Rasen Shuriken 22-Jan-09
433 Sage Technique Failure 30-Jan-09
434 Naruto vs God Realm 6-Feb-09
435 Bansho Tenin 14-Feb-09
436 Peace 19-Feb-09
437 Confession 26-Feb-09
438 Breaking the Seal 6-Mar-09
439 Chibaku Tensei 13-Mar-09
440 A Conversation with the 4th!! 19-Mar-09
441 Rasen Shuriken vs Shinra Tensei 27-Mar-09
442 The Last Gamble!! 3-Apr-09
443 The Meeting 9-Apr-09
444 The Answer 16-Apr-09
445 Top of the World 23-Apr-09
446 I Just Wanted to Protect Them 8-May-09
447 Believe 15-May-09
448 Memento 21-May-09
449 The Flower of Hope 28-May-09
450 The Joyful Village!! 5-Jun-09
451 Dealing With Sasuke 12-Jun-09
452 Closing in on Danzo!! 19-Jun-09
453 The Night Before The Five Kages Meet 26-Jun-09
454 The Five Kages 2-Jul-09
455 Bond 10-Jul-09
456 Naruto Departs 16-Jul-09
457 The Meeting of the Five Kages Begin 23-Jul-09
458 The Five Kages Argument 30-Jul-09
459 Sakura’s Decision 6-Aug-09
460 Sasuke Surrounded 20-Aug-09
461 Kumogakure vs Hawk 27-Aug-09
462 Sasuke’s Dogma 4-Sep-09
463 Sasuke vs Raikage 10-Sep-09
464 The Power of Darkness 17-Sep-09
465 Attack on the Summit 25-Sep-09
466 Battle Behind Closed Doors 1-Oct-09
467 Declaration of War 8-Oct-09
468 Hachibi and Kyuubi 15-Oct-09
469 Sakura’s Confession 29-Oct-09
470 Killerbee vs Kisame 5-Nov-09
471 Tailed Beast, Version 2 12-Nov-09
472 A Deadly Battle in an Underwater Prison 19-Nov-09
473 Brother 26-Nov-09
474 Hokage’s Resolution 3-Dec-09
475 Madara’s True Strength 10-Dec-09
476 Sasuke vs Danzo 17-Dec-09
477 Do Not Speak to Me of Itachi 25-Dec-09
478 Susanoo Final Version 14-Jan-10
479 Izanagi 21-Jan-10
480 Sacrifice 27-Jan-10
481 Danzo’s Death 4-Feb-10
482 Once More… 10-Feb-10
483 Master and Student Reunited 17-Feb-10
484 Their Team 7 25-Feb-10
485 So Close, And Yet So Far 4-Mar-10
486 Fists 11-Mar-10
487 The Battle Begins 18-Mar-10
488 Returning to their Own Villages 25-Mar-10
489 On the Brink of World War 1-Apr-10
490 The Truth About the Kyuubi 8-Apr-10
491 Confining the Hosts 15-Apr-10
492 Greetings 21-Apr-10
493 Dark Naruto 7-May-10
494 Killerbee and Motoi 13-May-10
495 Dark Naruto Destroyed 21-May-10
496 Reunion with the Kyuubi 27-May-10
497 Kyuubi vs Naruto 3-Jun-10
498 Mom’s Red Hair 10-Jun-10


  1. when will the latest naruto season come out season 16 and 17

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