Posted by: kitpotter | June 17, 2009

Chapter 446 – I Just Wanted to Protect Them

Nagato continues his story with Yahiko saying that nothing will change if they just cry about it.  He said that Yahiko said that he will change the world not just with words but with strength.  He said that Yahiko said he needs to become a ninja.  They started searching for a ninja and found the three legendary Sannin who fought Hanzo. He said he couldn’t accept the Konoha ninja because of his parents but that Jiraiya felt different. Orochimaru suggested to kill them as they were orphans of war and as such would only live their lives full of misery. Jiraiya,  on the other hand, decided that he would take care of them to compensate for what the Sannin did.

He said that the four of them began living together but not long afterwards, something happened.  One day, a lone ninja attacked them. He said that the ninja nearly killed Yahiko but that he fought back.  He said he’s done it unconsciously, his Rinnegan was activated.  He said that Jiraiya wasn’t keen on teaching them before to become ninjas but after that he began teaching them ninja techniques.  He said that Jiraiya said it was for self defense but that he thinks it was a way for him to control his Rinnegan.  He said that he was scared of his own powers and was filled with hatred.  He was feeling guilty thinking he’s done something wrong.  But Jiraiya saved him and he came to accept him.  Nagato repeated to Naruto Jiraiya’s words, “When people get hurt, they learn to hate.  When people hurt others, they become hatred and are racked with guilt. But knowing pain allows people to be kind.  Pain allows people to grow and how you grow up is up to you.  You know pain, you think about it, and the answer you find it p to you.”  Nagato said that Jiraiya almost said it to himself, that he hasn’t found the answer just like Naruto but that he knows his answer.  He said that he just wanted to protect them no matter how much pain it causes.

Nagato said that after three years, they have grown stronger in body and mind.  He said that Jiraiya told him that his Rinnegan might be the key to finding the peace they desire for the world.  When Jiraiya felt they were strong enough to fend for themselves, so he was convinced to head for home.

Yahiko became their leader.  They have formed a gang and they grew famous overnight.  He said that everyone agreed with their desire to create peace without relying on brute force but the world was still in the middle of the war between three great countries of stone, sand and leaf.  He said that Hanzo, the leader of Amegakure, heard the rumors and approached them, that he could no longer ignore them.  He said Hanzo told them that he wanted to use them to begin peac negotiations between three great countries.  That they could get them to agree to a peace treaty.  So they decided to help them.  But that was a catastrophe according to Yahiko because it was all a trap.  Konoha’s black ops were waiting for them.  Hanzo joined forces with Konoha’s Danzo to obliterate them.  Danzo wanted Hanzo’s help to become Hokage and Hanzo wanted Danzo’s help to maintain his position. Hanzō took Konan hostage and used her life as a bargaining chip to try and force him to kill Yahiko. Faced with a horrible decision and with both Konan and Yahiko showing their willingness to die for the sake of the other, Nagato struggled with himself until Yahiko physically forced Nagato to kill him by placing the kunai in his hand and guiding it. With Yahiko’s dying breath, he told Nagato to survive because he believed in Jiraiya’s words that Nagato would become the world’s savior.


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