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Chapter 453 Spoiler

CREDITS: Shounensuki

The cover has Naruto, the spine was wife frog¹
From the colour intro
While Sasuke is on his way to Konoha, Tobi warps before him
After that, various things happen
Sasuke: Taka has left Akatsuki
Tobi: Didn’t I tell you treachery meant death…?
Sasuke’s group: ??
Tobi: What a shame, and I had such high hopes for you

He then informs them about their failure to capture the Eight-Tails
Tobi: You were tricked by the Eight-Tails

Then when he is informed about them going to Konoha, Tobi tells them
There’s no such thing like Konoha any more ~ My subordinate Pain destroyed it ~ etcetera, etcetera

Tobi: That’s not all. Thanks to Sasuke’s and Pain’s violent acts, the Five Kage are going to have a summit

Then Zetsu appears with great timing

Tobi: The next Hokage was chosen?
Zetsu: They decided on Danzou
Tobi: As I thought…
Sasuke: Danzou…
Tobi: A member of the upper echelons who drove your brother into a corner

From there we go to Naruto
Omoi/Karui: Quickly give us information about Sasuke, so we can avenge our master
It seems Naruto is possibly sympathetic because he felt the same once

Your master is a jinchuuriki? I’m a jinchuuriki as well, I want to rescue your master
Let’s immediately look for him together, we can deal with Sasuke later, all right?

I’ll tell you everything I know about the Akatsuki
The two² are deeply moved as they exchange information idiotically.

Ah~ They talk way too long…

Back to Sasuke
After this, Taka goes to the summit of the Five Kage to kill the Hokage!!

Zetsu splits in half and the white half shows Sasuke and co. the way to the place where the summit is going to be held.
Black Zetsu: That was a success
Tobi: Yeah

Summarised from a damned long scene
The scenario where Nagato dies came true as well, hm ~ He used the Samsara Reincarnation³ that was supposed to be used for my sake
Things became a little screwed up, because of Uzumaki Naruto ~ Sasuke can become more than Nagato ~ We have to control Sasuke well
From here on, we need to watch vigilantly for an opportunity to advance, but
We need to move on quickly with the Eye of the Moon plan!!!!!!!

Meanwhile in Suna
Gaara has returned!!!
He’s going to the summit of the Five Kage
Kankurou doesn’t need to escort Gaara or something, it seems…
It ends here
This is all I can write, since I haven’t slept for 30 hours and I can’t think straight… After this are requests…

¹ Possible Shima
² Omoi and Karui
³ Samsara Reincarnation (輪廻天生, Rinne Tensei)

PIC Translation
Source: NF
Tobi warps in front of Sasuke :Tobi : Yo ! Sasuke !

Karin ( I sensed this guy’s chakra all of a sudden, what’s going on ? )

Suigetsu : Haaa … Bad Timing !

Sasuke : How did you know where I was ?

Tobi : You may underestimate me, but I have still some nice abilities.

Sasuke : What do you want with me now ? We left Akatsuki, we don’t need you anymore.

Tobi : I told you, if you leave Akatsuki, you’ll have to die. And you broke our deal as well.

Sasuke : What ?

Tobi : I’m talking about the Eight Tails !

Karin : But we did delivered the Eight Tailed Best to you ?

Tobi : It was a Kawarimi no Jutsu ! In other words : YOU FAIL !

Sasuke, Karin, Juugo, Suigetsu ! BOOM !

A little more information, regarding the spoilerCredits: Yagami1211
Source: NF
Tobi : There’s no Konoha left !
Sasuke : What do you mean ?
Aloe-chan : I’ll explain.Aloe : Now, Naruto’s stronger than Sasuke.

Tobi : This doesn’t matter.

I’ll add some later. Didn’t read all.

Then we see Kakashi

Tobi hits Sasuke ?!
Sasuke slips through ?!

Karin is going to the Kage Summit ? Sounds like a pain in the ass.

LOL Aloe-chan = Zetsu

Translations from Ohana’s scripts…


Tobi : The Eight Tails tricked you ! To put it bluntly, I’m disappointed.

Sasuke : ( I saw it with my Sharingan … It couldn’t have the time to do a Bunshin )

Sasuke : I remember the Eight Tails losing a part.

Suigetsu : So what ? It’s not our business anymore.

Tobi : No, when you start a business with Akatsuki, you do it until the end. Anyway, don’t bother with the Eight Tails …
I want you to follow another target.

Sasuke : And if I refuse ?

Tobi : I would have to fight you now and here … You musn’t go to Konoha.

Sasuke tries to Chidori Tobi.

Sasuke : Out of my way !

Tobi ?!

Sasuke slips through Tobi

Tobi : You should have headed to Konoha earlier
there’s no more Konoha left
Zetsu explains

Tobi : Who’s the new Hokage ?
Zetsu : Some Danzou guy.
Tobi : I should have expected this.
Sasuke : Danzou … Hokage ?

Tobi explains about Pain and the Kage Summit.

Omoi : I’ll have you explain all about Sasuke : Fighting Style, Powers, Ninjutsu. About his team, his background … everything !

Sakura : You’re lying ! Sasuke-kun can’t be in Akatsuki !

Omoi : Hey, girly ! Shut your goddam trap ! What are you to Sasuke ?

She uses her sword !
Sakura cries ( LOL )
A saddened Naruto look at Sakura.


karui is the one that says that sakura is annoying and what is she to sasuke

Pics Trans by Yagami1211

Karui : What the fuck are you crying about ? I’m the one who should be crying.
Master Killer Bee and Master Yugito will never return. If you have the time to cry, the spits everything you know about Sasuke !

Sai enters.

Sai : You don’t have to take it like that. You can help us finding him … You’ll have your whereabouts.

Naruto remembers Jiraiya
Naruto : This master of yours, he’s a Jinchuuriki ?

Team Could is surprised !

Naruto : I’m one as well. Akatsuki wants the Jinchuuriki.

Team Could is surprised again !

Karui : Cool story, blond guy. Then come with us, you’ll tell us about Sasuke.

Naruto : Leave it to me, Sakura-chan !

Karui : Your name ?

Naruto : Uzumaki Naruto

Karui : Naruto !?

Credits: Yagami1211
Source: NF

Suigetsu : So this Naruto guy took on Pain himself ?

Zetsu : Yes. It seems he became awesomely powerful. It’s possible that he’s stronger than Sasuke.

Sasuke : I don’t care about that. The problem is the Kage Summit !
Is it in Konoha ? Tell us where is it !

We, Taka, are going to the Kage Summit to take the head of the new Hokage !

Tobi : It’s ok with me.

Zetsu splits in half

the white one leads Sasuke
Sasuke has doubts, but he follows him anyway.

Sasuke : We have to scout the area first. If somethings fishy comes up -> Amaterasu ! There’s something I want to test.

Black Zetsu ( To Madara ) : Wonderfully done.

Tobi : Well … Nagato wasted the Rinne Tensei instead of keeping it for me just in case. I didn’t think he could betray us.
Sasuke can become even better … But there’s no point if we can’t control him.
Gedou Mato can’t be linked now
We have to see how things are progressing.

Black zetsu : You prepared something in case Nagato would die ?

Tobi : Just in case. We have been driven to a corner, thanks to Uzumaki Naruto … Our plans will have to wait.
Black Zetsu : What are we going to do ? Are we moving ?

Tobi : I’m done with looking only. We’re going with the Eye of the moon plan.

Then we see Suna.

Kankuro seems to wait for a new puppet.

Ohana clarifying something:

About Naruto, Sasuke doesn’t seems to be interested in him.
Naruto : Instead of Sasuke, I think we should first looking for that master of yours.”

Omoi and Karui are surprised.

Naruto : I’m going to help you to find him. Tell me about Akatsuki.

Karui : Blond guy …


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